Eddie Murphy’s Ex-Girfriend “Mel B” And Ex-Wife “Nicole” Meet For Lunch!


Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife “Nicole” and ex-girlfriend “Mel B” met up for lunch with baby “Angel at the Ivy restaurant yesterday! Mel B is currently involved in a nasty paternity battle with Eddie! What do they call it in wrestling when they tag team ya!
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7 Responses to “Eddie Murphy’s Ex-Girfriend “Mel B” And Ex-Wife “Nicole” Meet For Lunch!”

  • andrewfromlancs says:

    this looks like real trouble

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  • none of your business says:

    is that really how you carry a baby? I thought it was a little different…..

  • simona says:

    cute baby

  • franmother says:

    What a jackass. You would think in this day and age of contraceptives that this idiot would’ve at least gotten engaged before she got knocked up. Having a baby to catch a man doesn’t work in the ghetto what made this fool think that it was going to work in tinsel town?

  • anonymous says:

    EXCUSE ME but im not sure how things work in the USA but in the UK if impregnate a woman it is your duty as the father of that child to stand by the mother and be a responsible father financially and physically otherwise maybe Mr Murphy should have thought about using the correct contreception in order to prevent conception. Furthermore to put the blame at the womans front door is a major cop out and promotes this type of behaviour especially within the black community across the world which is why so many black children are fatherless. This is not always down to mothers trying to get pregnant to trap a man but by irresponsible no good men that are unable to stand up and be responsible fathers maybe you need to check the facts befor commenting.

  • candice michelle nude…

    Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin…..

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