Paris Hilton And Her Babies!



Paris Hilton took her cute little puppies out for a stroll with some friends over the weekend! Awwww! Wait, Does she know how to wash and feed those poor creatures?
Photo:/ LLC/London Entertainment/Splashnews

8 Responses to “Paris Hilton And Her Babies!”

  • simona says:

    i love this girl ive nowne her scince i was 5 years old and she had gay sex with me and i fingered her and she liked me out…it was awwwwsume…love you babe!

  • simona says:

    her boobs are henni

  • Wendy says:

    Who keeps selling her puppies?!?!? I mean, come ON now!

  • jessica alba says:

    paris hilton is a bitch an slut she is disgusting and you should put some shorts under your skirt and wear a bra i can see your boobs you are so rude opening your body in front of every one else that you dont even no you r the rudest i hate you every one does

  • lulu says:

    ooo she looks so cute with that little puppies…!

  • cyn says:

    Bitch, simona would you learn to speak properly. I believe that would be licked out not liked out you dumbass. You said she did that when you were 5, childmolestor, was that 2 years ago? What the fuck is this bitch famous for? Because daddy has lots of money, pathetic. Oh by the way lastnight my husband liked me out it was great!

  • youbunchofdumbasses! says:

    all of u jerks are so fucked up it makes me want to puke, get a fucking life and stop saying shit about someone u know fuck all about jelaous bitches!! i believe all of u are a bunch of pathetic retarded kids so grow up and shut up the puppies are beautiful and thats all that matters in this pic not paris hilton

  • simona says:

    oh my gosh people the girl named simona is soo not me someone is pretending to be me i hate thta because people are mad at me but beleive me i really didnt send thoguhs stupid messages i dont even like paris hilton god!@

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