Nicole Richie Goes To Court!


A court commissioner sentenced Nicole Richie to serve four days in County Jail — she got credit for a fifth day, for the six hours she served after being busted. Richie was also fined $2,048 and was ordered back to school for 21 days to an alcohol education course.

7 Responses to “Nicole Richie Goes To Court!”

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  • john says:

    In Canada, people go to jail AND lose their driving privileges for 1 year for first DUI offence

  • Posh says:

    I think Nicole will do fine but it is unnessasary to put her in jail when she is pregnat
    only for 4 days. they should of dropped the charges and she should of only gotten house arrest or whatever for days is stupid

  • cipher says:

    I wish they’d throw the key away!

  • Cypress says:

    Listen Nicole already had many chances, and knew better.. this was most serious going the wrong way down a major freeway, drugged. If motorists hadn’t called in and reported her emergancy crisis she might have killed herself and others, but the police saved her as well as booked her for illegal whatevers. She needs to sit alone in that jail cell for several days and experince her wrong-doing and it’s consequences.. in the hopes that she never has to feel this humilation again for a longer time.. or maim and kill a life, maybe her own.

  • Ash-Ley says:

    I LOVE Nicole!!!!!!!!!! i sopport her all the way just like i did with Paris (love her too) she’ll get through it and she looks sooooooo pretty here!

  • colinkarr says:

    nichole ypu deserve to go bto jail you could have killed someone I hope you are satified you murderl.

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