Britney Spears Goes to Las Vegas!


Britney Spears took the kids to Las Vegas yesterday! Apparently all hell broke loose!

“Responding officers determined that a private security officer, was escorting Britney Spears through the Wynn property when an altercation occurred between private security officer and a photographer who was attempting to take pictures of Ms. Spears.

It was alleged that during the altercation the photographer was battered by private security officer. Detectives from the violent crimes section responded and, following their investigation, the private security officer was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery. The photographer received minor abrasions during the incident.

A second Crime Report was also filed by Ms Spears on behalf of her minor child. In that report it was alleged that prior to the above incident a second photographer battered both private security officer and Ms. Spears’ child, who was at that time being held by the security officer.” Entertainment/Splashnews


5 Responses to “Britney Spears Goes to Las Vegas!”

  • brit your gawjus!
    i still listen to your music and im fukin 17 nearly 18!!!
    i love you and dnt shave your head babe you bn thro it hard we no…
    love you
    sxy bitch
    id’e love to fuk you man
    love you
    girl,17,in love with britney!___X

  • simona says:

    hey britt
    it’s good that you are taking out your kids to places
    so………………. you do have more then 1 child?????
    theres a huge rumar that you only have 1 child wich is sean preston you spend more time with sean then jordan why?????????????
    let people know that you have a son!!!!

  • Jaime L. Spears says:

    briit im gonna miss uu!
    loveeee youu! (K)(K)(K)(K)

  • eric says:

    It looks like Britney maybe worried about losing her kids. She sent a letter to Not sure if it’s her, but it could be.

  • cyn says:

    do you idoites actually think she reads this crap, she’s too busy snorting coke and dropping things on her kids heads.

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