Paris Hilton Leaving Larry King Interview Pics!


[youtube FpFK-pL9LeY]

Quick turn on CNN your missing the interview! Paris Hilton leaving the CNN building after her Larry King interview today.

Photo:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

5 Responses to “Paris Hilton Leaving Larry King Interview Pics!”

  • Nancy J. says:

    What a hatchet job! Ken Sunshine and Anderson Cooper were part of the conspiracy to disembowel this girl. I wish I had a copy of the interview so I could mention each lie told about her comments. Cpmplete mischaracterizations! One of you three men said she was boring. Larry, your interview skills were pitiful. Your questions were boring. How could anyone being interviewed as you interviewed this young woman make it interesting. I think she was gracious in spite of your attitude. You seemed more interested in her strip search than her interest in doing charity work for the women as they come out of prison (halfway house, etc.) as the recidivism is so great. She said the average prisoner returns 7 times. You didn’t ask one question on that.

    I think I know why Anderson Cooper hates her so. She mentioned that she is a Catholic. I know homosexuals hate Catholics. His prejudice is showing. And if Ken Sunshine actually makes a living in his field I’d be surprised. He’s a bitter, hateful man!

  • MaryLee says:

    Come on, Nancy, lighten up. The interview was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing after she said she didn’t drink or do drugs. And when she gave the vacant stare cuz she couldn’t “remember” her favorite bible passage, I was howling in laughter. Man, funny stuff. Maybe she pickled her brain with all that alcohol, who knows. There’s one thing clear, there’s nothing in that brain. And she can’t lie convincingly.

  • Cypress says:

    She lies too well, pathalogical in fact, and I am sure Larry was given questions to ask of her.. because he doesn’t keep up with current sluts adventures other than the ones he marries.

  • "M" says:

    paris is happy….

  • Ashley Wills says:

    I hope her skinny ass don’t try that again she might not be able to ever get back in a car .

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