John Stamos Looking Disshevelled On The “Mornings With Kerri-Ann Show!”

[youtube 7245d3XamZ8]

John Stamos should of stayed in bed! John was a guest on Australia’s Kerri-Ann talk show rambling on and on and looking…… well you decide!

3 Responses to “John Stamos Looking Disshevelled On The “Mornings With Kerri-Ann Show!””

  • bana says:

    He almost seems aware of his self distruction, poor guy must be in a dark place right now.

  • a says:

    well i wonder what he was fixing to say about one of the twins coming to his beach house. that was creepy..

  • sarah says:

    he just said ashley came to stay with him, that doesn’t mean he doing it with her…and he was pretty out of it in that interview, so he probly didn’t mean for it to sound like that. People are making way too much out of this:
    here’s the link:

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