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The Paparazzi ‘Shutter” to lose Bread & butter LOS ANGELES – Look out, Britney!

With Paris Hilton heading for jail and Lindsay Lohan in rehab, the number of paparazzi on the trail of Britney Spears is going to soar.

The conversation among the 20 to 30 “paps” staking out Hilton last week has been what they will do while their two favorite subjects – and their biggest paydays – are forced out of action.

“Chase Britney,” said Josh, 26, a video camera guy with Phamousphotos.com who declined to give his last name. Josh figures the troubled pop princess’ second child is the longest unseen celebrity baby.

David Aguilera, at Celebritypuke.com, said he is also going to go after Spears, as well as Nicole Richie, and David and Victoria Beckham.

For a celebrity photographer, tailing Britney, Paris and Lindsay can be quite lucrative. For example, the rumor among the paps is that the pictures of Lohan running away from her car last Saturday night sold for more than $70,000. But Aguilera said reselling the photos can fetch up to $250,000.

For the paparazzi, losing Paris and Lindsay also means having to work harder. The hotel heirhead is known for “giving it up,” which in “pap” slang means posing and making it easy to shoot her.

“Those girls are the easy story,” said Jason Kirkland, 26.

The prime shot everyone guns for is of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their kids.

But the big three are the paparazzi mainstays. On Friday, the number of photographers who joined the Paris stakeout doubled because Britney left town.

In such an aggressive pack, the competition for the big-ticket shot is intense. It involves hours of waiting in a car, often requiring them to urinate into pop bottles, dubbed “pap” bottles.

One veteran of the hunt lamented the growing hordes of paparazzi and longed for the day of discreet stakeouts at celebrities’ houses in a car with a long lens. “If you’re in their face all day long, you become part of the story you’re trying to tell with pictures,” he said.

And with photo agencies specializing in celebrities flooding the streets with teams of shooters, the price of a photo can drop to as low as $100, he said.

But the more immediate problem facing the herd this week is what to do after Tuesday when Paris will be locked up.

“I am going to work Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise,” said Jose Souza, 39, a photographer with the X17 agency. “Maybe Nicole Richie.”

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