Holy Cow Look At Britney Spears’ Weave!



Britney Spears went driving around Hollywood today with her BFF Allie. Britney’s weave took on a life of its own as you can see! At least her hairs growing back!

Photo:David Aguilera/CelebrityPuke.com LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

14 Responses to “Holy Cow Look At Britney Spears’ Weave!”

  • gina says:

    damn now that’s a nappy headed hoe!


  • okay... says:

    What, it isn’t real hair so you don’t have to wash it? F’n nasty!!

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  • Come on says:

    Come on now!!! give her a break it would be hard to be her!! think about it camara’s in your face all the time every one in your business i think that would be stressful i would have a break down too…….alteast she’s getting better ya know….and i don’t think she looks that bad i mean with all the shit she has been through

  • Tako says:

    I agree with the last comment. She doesn’t look that bad after all..

  • fla. chick says:

    go to baghdad or darfur, have your legs chopped off from some debilitating disease then the Brittneys and Paris’s of the world can talk about having it rough – until then, they need to shut up and learn to be evolved and enlightened. they are sleeping sheep like most of these other humans . . .

  • Bobby Ewing says:

    Yeah she makes me wanna puke. Her legs and ass look worse than my 80 year old grandma

    pics: http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1755170

  • hOMER says:


  • sue says:

    holy cow does anyone give a shit about this trailer trash exhibitionist,,,i can see that anytime out my all american white trash apartment complex….emo hippy posers look a lot like this bitch

  • Magz says:

    ok…u guys r MEAN! Cmon! I totally agree with the “come on…” and “Tako” comment.
    She´s bee through alot of shit….

  • Come on says:

    thanks “Tako” and “Magz” atleast some people here have feelings…….and by the way “fla. chick” were in America so when she goes to baghdad then she can worry about that shit i guess other than that she does have it hard she’s been in the spotlight since she was like 16 thats alot of people around you for a lot of years getting in your face 24/7

  • leeza says:

    that is nasty nasty aND GUESS WHAT NASTY it looks like a birds nest or a sea weed washed up on shore

  • kiki says:

    your right it really does she needs to comb that shit out just as well as she needs help

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