Paris Hilton Goes Back To Jail, Fans Unite, Mom And Dad Go Home!



Paris Hilton was sent back to jail to finish the remainder of her sentence! Hilton was taken to the Twin Towers In Los Angeles were she is said to spend the remainder of the weekend. According to eyewitnesses Paris Hilton left the courtroom in tears, screaming, “Mom, Mom.” Hilton was also heard saying “It’s not right.” Hilton’s mother was later seen pacing the hallways, telling reporters, “I’m paralyzed right now.” Many fans and anti-supporters were also present at the court house during Paris’ court hearing!

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9 Responses to “Paris Hilton Goes Back To Jail, Fans Unite, Mom And Dad Go Home!”

  • Elena says:

    “Reverse discrimination”, to the max. Is anyone aware it goes both ways? I think not. We cannot help how we were born. Rich, poor, whatever. paris is paying the price for a competition between the judge and sherrif.
    molesters of children are given “bracelets”. releasted to their homes. Who did she commit a crime on? She is gentle, saves animals, loves children, does charity work for less fortunate people. She hurts no one. She cannot help being protected all her life. did not even realize she could not drive. I can totally believe that she would go hysterical or have a mental breakdown over this. I would, raised and also protected all my life. Sorry, cannot pick your life situation.
    Remember she is not a criminal. I cannot believe they would make her an example of how the american court system works, by sending her to jail. This is rediculous!
    Joe Tacopina is the only lawyer i heard that understands the entire situation. Gloria Alred should take Paris under her wing. This is not right! Reverse descrimination, is just as bad, and this is.
    And as far as mr. sharpton is concerned, with his opinions; does he remember tawana bralley and that fiasco? He needs to shut the hell up!
    Thank You

  • Lise says:

    Regarding Paris Hilton,
    She is a spoiled, selfish, self-centered,pathetic child. I do not know what these parents did to make her such a riduculous mess of a person. All she does is party, pose like she is Gods gift to mankind, she thinks she can get away with anything because of her money and fake innocent act. I am appalled that people even consider her a celebrity, and fools celebrity is what she is. She needs to act like an adult, take responsibility, and take up a good purpose in life( other than her x rated videos,partying and dressing up her shivering little chihuhua) This is NOT a role model for young girls, or anyone for that matter. The comment above is moronic,she was simply charged for breaking the law and has gotten away with things before, now she needs to see the inside of a jail cell and with some of the inmates, then maybe the fairytale bubble she lives in her head will pop, and she might see that she is not ENTITLED just because she is wealthy, and that is not her money-if she had to work for a living like the rest of us, oh, my goodness, she certainly would perish. And no one need to take Paris under “their wing”, shes not a toddler, even though she acts like one. Americas idea of who to look up to has gone down hill. Put little Paris back into her little jumpsuit and shut the doors-she and her driving could have killed some innocent family. She deserves what she got, and probably more.

  • cheyenne says:

    i love paris hilton so much…but i actully believe that sges deserves to got to jail.

  • cheyenne says:

    just like lise said paris hilton should take things as they come.she cant hide from all her problems.i dont care how famous she is,she could have all the money in the world but she is still a human being and should not be given special treatment(house arrest)she doesnt get it and i dont think she ever will,she is no different from anyone else and thats all i have to say about paris hilton.

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  • anzhela says:

    go bitch to the jail.. and learn about life…

  • kristin says:

    paris deserves to go back to jail. she drove while intoxicated and could have possibly killed someone. if someone like her killed your family members while she was drunk would you still have sympathy then? while she did not kill anyone the truth of the matter is that she commited a crime and now she must pay the price. nobody wants to go to jail. it is a punishment. being a little rich girl doesnt make it ok for her to break the law and not have to be penalized for it. and to the idiot who said she didnt know she couldn’t drive, when you get your license suspended in california you sign a document saying you acknowledge that you no longer have the priveldge of driving. she knew, she did it anyway. she deserves what she gets. she got her license supsended like a year and a half ago, and how many times have we seen her on television driving home from the clubs and posing in front of her car before she got in. come people. being a slutty rich girl doesnt make you free from the law. she is not a role model, she doesnt do anything positive for society i dont know what makes people say that she is. everyone else who commits a crime goes to jail. so should she. kathy hilton is a disgrace as a mother for thinking that the judicial system actually does its job. if something happened to paris she would want that justice system to penalize the guilty. bottom line: paris needs to grow up and take responsibilty of her actions. its time to be a big girl now. oh and kathy hilton learn how to be a real mother and let her accept the punishment for her wrong actions. money does not solve all your problems, no matter how much money you throw at it.

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  • Kyle says:

    Paris Hilton is probably one of the most stupid, self-centered, ignorant, and fake people I know. She tries to look smart and talented in front of everyone but she just ends up making a huge fool of herself. She is famous for nothing which just proves todays idolization is severly screwed up! She is a waste of space.

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