Update! Cocaine Found During Lindsay Lohan Investigation!



Above is the original press release:


In a press conference this afternoon about the arrest of Lindsay Lohan, cops say they found a “usable amount” of a drug they say was cocaine at the scene. Lt. Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department would not say where the drug was found but it was “not on her person.”


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8 Responses to “Update! Cocaine Found During Lindsay Lohan Investigation!”

  • Jaytee says:

    Oh okay so it’s drinks & drugs now …… mmm good night out ended not so good. Maybe next time she does drugs she may have enough working brain left to realise that you don’t drive under the influence. “Just My Luck” say’s she!

  • Holly Weed says:

    Glad I’m not a curb in her neighborhood, or that dumb piece of trash would have run me over. Hey Lindsay, America hates you. Please die soon (we know you’re working on it).

  • jackie says:

    she seemed have anything to do except going crazy…
    maybe…be populared doesn’t equal a good person

  • sam says:

    15 years ago, I was STUPID enough to drive under the influence. My car was totaled, I had a broken nose and broken ribs. I was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, admitted under police guard, treated badly by the nursing staff (understandably) and immediately upon release was sent directly to jail until the bond hearing the next day. I come from a nice family and jail is not where I belong! Paris, suck it up. You will survive.

    I worked for a law firm, had good legal connections, but was advised that there was no way a judge would let me off on a lesser plea. I pled guilty and took the punishment with as much remaining grace I had.

    It was a humiliating and painful experience. I had employees at the time whose confidence and respect I lost instanteously. It was never recovered and I left my position soon thereafter. My insurance would not cover because of the charges, I had to give up my license for 6 months, humbly ask for rides to AA meetings and work, do 100 hours of community service, complete the ADSAP program (@ 3 months) and pay SR22 insurance for 3 years. All total, it cost me about $15,000.00 and I am not a celebrity. 15 years later I am still so ashamed of my poor judgment and behavior, PLUS, your driving record NEVER goes away. Thank GOD no one was injured (except for my pride). I had to attend MADD meetings where the mothers spoke of their losses, which was horrifying. While everyone else in ADSAP bragged about what they “blew”, I looked in the mirror, admitted I was an alcoholic, was ashamed and very sorry, and extremely grateful no one was killed. Have not had a drink since. I wish the laws were that strict now. It’s very scary what’s going on out there, with both celebrities and others. AND, your reputation is ruined FOREVER.

  • sam says:

    Sorry, I guess my response should have gone under the DUI report.

    instantaneously – my bad

  • Brit says:

    That’s one piece of white trash!!

  • She’s gotten herself in alot of trouble!

  • Gloria says:

    now she is doing drugs that sl*t she sleeps with anybody who is in her sight that drug headed freak. EEEEEWWWWWWW

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