Victoria Beckham Wants Her Kids To Go To Private School!


Victoria Beckham:

“I’ve had to turn myself into Bree. It’s so hard getting into a private school in Beverly Hills. As a parent you feel like you’re on trial. I’ve been having to promise to do loads for the school and David has offered to give the pupils some football lessons. I’m just worried that my cupcakes won’t be up to standard!”

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

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  • Anonymous says:


    Take it from a mom who has been through the whole private school scene. Private school in LA is a scam! Don’t feed into the whole frenzy…and if you must…mark Campbell Hall off your list, it is the worst…close second goes to Archer, and then Buckley. Just let your kids go to Beverly Hills High or have them home schooled. Save yourself from falling into the “parent trap”. And none of those bitchy stay at home moms will like your cupcakes or anything else you have to offer because they will envy you.

  • Fronika says:

    Do yourself a favour Vicky and eat a few cupcakes yourself. You look like a living skeleton. Osteoporosis here I come.

  • BBH says:

    Victoria I don’t think that you should worry about cupcakes. What you should worry about is Angelina Jolie or some other hollywood vultures snatching up that gorgeous husband of yours. By the way you can eat a little cupcake yourself because that skeleton look that you are going for is not happening. And stop looking like a damm robot (freak).

  • steph says:


    i would watch your husband becuase alot of the woman there will be wanting to have david beckham as THEIR husband so keep him close and always trust what he says and dont believe the tabliods…

    and i think you have cute boys and they should be able to get into privet school even though there dad is david beckham :)

    keep your head up and keep smiling :)

    stephanie xx

  • Tanya....x says:

    Hey Posh!
    Don’t listen to people who put you down. Be yourself. Never be afraid to be true to yourself. Always smile. :)
    I think your kids are sooooo cute too!

  • molly says:

    Your kids need the best from you and their dad and i think you should take this oppurtunity and give it a good run!

    They might not be up to the total standard if they join a private school but if you decide to go the private school route, your kids will thoroughly benefit from it!

    They will soon be taught up to the standard and will remain bright and have excellent jobs in their futre beautiful life!

    Best of luck,


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