Uk Singer Lily Allen Went To Club Les Deux With DJ Samantha Ronson Last Night!



Singer Lily Allen showed up at club Les Deux last night in West Hollywood with Lindsay Lohan’s buddy Dj Samantha Ronson. Lily must have forgotten her good levi’s back in Seattle cuz those levi’s of hers looked tired! Lily left the club via taxi cab with some other friends around two in the morning. Ronson stayed behind.ÂÂ

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

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  • Samantha Ronson number one in Maillard Hebdo Buzz (France)

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  • I like lily’s style anyway

  • wooshga balboolshga says:

    Oh, she finally got a style ?!?

  • danny says:

    who gives a fuck shes just a regular person fuucks sake. everyone deserves privacy leave her alone! stop snappin her for the sake of it! it windes me up. guess shes not a fan of it either and its not like we get a huge thrill outtta seein a snap of her so whats the point? give me a litttle more credit than this! of course i dont find this remotly interesting! not to mention the people holding the cameras are like totally creepy parasites! i’ve seen it! its fucked up!

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