K-Fed’s Ghost Haunts Britney Spears At A Drive-Thru!



While Britney Spears was waiting for her burgers at a Carl’s Jr. drive thru, a stranger approached Britney’s car covered in white face paint. Britney got scared and quickly closed the sun roof to her car. Britney then covered her mouth in disbelief at the man’s appearance. everything turned out fine though, the man had apparently just left some sort of costume event and was just happy to see Britney Spears!


Credt:David Aguilera/CelebrityPuke.com LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

36 Responses to “K-Fed’s Ghost Haunts Britney Spears At A Drive-Thru!”

  • nancy says:

    lol she’s so cute. I hated clowns when I was little. He does look kinda creepy. Sean’s like wtf?

  • Gary says:

    rofl. Britney looks great.

  • Hey!she is not scaring…she got just surprised at once, and nothing…yeah…she is dam beautiful!

  • Calithug says:

    All I wanted was to say whats up and maybe get a pic! All I know is that was mad fresh!

  • BoogerSugar says:

    He is a wicked clown Juggalo…

    He just got back from an ICP (Insane Clown Posse, for the retards who dont know what that stands for) concert….and if she is “scarred” of him…she is an idiot….

    You people are such retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    MCL to all Juggalos that read this….

  • kristen says:


  • JUGGALET says:

    dude i can’t see how she can be scared of a juggalo man i love them the rock well I.C.P is better than she is and thats for sure..

    well MCL to all the juggalos and juggalets out there

  • MMFWCL!! thats funny as hell..britney would be scared of a juggalo. all juggalos and juggalettes are sweet! =]

  • destiny commented up there and this one =]

  • stephy says:

    whoever wrote up that article is full of crap, britney wasnt scared and if she was people are still lieing about it. he just got back from a costume show? hahahaa i go to those ICP shows all the time and the only people who are scared is mainstream public…. i’m sure he made her laugh.. cause we cause no harm to anyone who doesnt do anything wrong to us!!

  • Pt says:

    whoot whoot, give me a week n ill have britney hooked on rock n workin tha street, mmfcl ninja u kno she wanted ur ass


    if she was really “scared”
    she’s pathetic
    funny as fuck tho
    much props to that lo

  • Penance says:

    She wasn’t scared, let’s face it she aint afraid to admit she likes dick, and she aint afraid to admit she likes her pussy licked. she was just happy to be serenaded by a wickid clown. he threw the hood rats hook at her and she got moist. “bitch yous a hood rat I’M JUST TRYIN TA FUCK! do it like a rat FACE DOWN ASS UP! chicken head, dirty ass no good trick, hood rat bitch you can SUCK THIS DICK!”

    ~MCL to faygoluvers, myjuggalospace and juggalos worldwide readin this shit and laughing, Pen

  • stonermike says:

    FUCK THE MAINSTREAM WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TXCrizzle says:

    Woop Woop!! That’s fuckin’ awesome. I’d try to get a pic with Britney too if I was on my way to the Tempest tour and saw her chillin’ at a drive thru. If she’d fuck K-Fed’s white trash ass, there’s no reason she can’t take some clown cock. Keep it wickit Ms. Spears~

  • whut up juggalos thats funny as hell i hope he scared her, dumb bitch TAKE THE WIG OFF BITCH! but ya ninjas hit up my myspace mmfcl niggs

  • Jen says:

    Juggalos are retarded! Anyone who would still be ‘down with the clown’ after the whole Christian comming out party that was the 6th jokers card, is an inbred cult following tard!

  • juggalecter says:

    jen (post above) can eat my azz, props for the link, mmfcl

  • We're so different that we're all the same says:

    Juggalos= a bunch of people that ate their way into seclusion and can only find like souls when they hide their face behind make up and tell fat chicks to show their tits. They all feel SO unique and idfferent yet they all look and act the same…fat, uneducated, doped out or drunk, and proud of it.
    Pray to your fat ass Jebus, that’s what that homo wanna be leader ‘J’ thinks he is right. Woot woot dorks.

  • Juggalette Princess says:

    haha a wicked clown not a ghost
    jen kiss my azz
    she scared i bet if she took off that wig shes scare us all
    woot woot

  • darklette says:

    LMMFAO!!!! who gives a fuck if we are all fat, uneducated, doped up or drunk-atleast we are doing what we like to do and dont give a shit about being ourselves or what people like you have to say about us..and that “homo” leader that you are talking about happens to be and have a multi-million dollar company and a fan basis that stretches from here across the globe. bitches like you make me sick cause you are always downing juggalos and the hatchet but are the first ones rocking out to the new cds when they hit the stores and be the first ones in the front of a sho talking bout “clown luv”-fuck outta here with that. you hate us cause punk ass puss’s like you will never belong..and its WOOP WOOP bitch..MMFWCL!!!!

  • Jen says:

    I’m all about being unique and doing your own thing, but when you all look the same, talk the same, and believe what one idiot spews…you are mindless drones.

    ICP was cool back in the day, 2 liters in butts, dead body man, and most all that 2 dope is pretty entertaining. but the follow me, jebus bullshit is a bit much.

    All is good in moderation, but ‘following’ anything but your own beliefs is weak willed and well…retarded.

    And never be proud to be uneducated. Read…anything for fucks sake. Even your fat ass leaders book, read that shit! Ignorance is a choice.

  • darklette says:

    its not about “following” anyone-its just about all the juggalos and juggalettes getting together and having a good time with one another-and it really is a big ass fam. yea they spit shit about “cutting throats” or “chopping heads” and all the other wicked shit but by no means is it telling you that you should go out and actually murder someone. yea, there are alot of people that just take it to that other level and actually do some of the shit they rap about but that is just their dumbass fault. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whenever the subject of “icp” or whatever comes up, their is always going to be an argument over it. you either like it and are down or you are not. and believe it or not alot of people that claim to be juggalos and juggalettes just use psychopathic records as an excuse to act hard and that shit pisses me off. and no one is proud to be uneducated. that is just a speculation-people ASSUME that we are all dumb or whatever. you would be suprised of how many highly educated people in the world listen to them. everyone looks at us and believes that we are all the same when in fact the only thing we all have in common is the love that we have for one another-juggalos and juggalettes..we have our own minds and just the actions of one dont speak for the rest of us….

  • darklette says:

    and how the fuck did we get on the topic of juggalos and juggalettes when this shit is supposed to be about bald head brittney????

  • Penance says:

    boredom? either way…fuck jen, whoever the fuck she is. she is too closed minded to realize just because ICP fallows god not all lo’s and lette’s do. listin to the music and enjoy it, or nit pic sit back and shut the fuck up, BITCH.

  • mike says:

    What in the hell is a jugglo or jugglette?

  • darklette says:

    LMMFAO!!!!!!! its juggAlette and juggAlo

  • Radam says:

    I’ll admit that there are a lot of fuck wits that follow ICP just for the sake of feeling like they belong to a group of people. They are fake and they probably don’t even realise. But there are Juggalos like me who are smart, educated and have a good job that also have a true understanding of what it is all about.

    You have to look behind the paint, all the stuff on the surface is just for fun. But ICP promote good moral values when you get past all of the murder and fun.

    Those who think ICP follow a Christen God are just plain ignorant. ICP have never read the bible and God is just the best word for them to use to explain that they believe in a positive higher power.

    It’s easy to misunderstand what it’s all about for most people and that’s why it is so special to a select few.

  • Anonymous says:

    juggalo own punkd on celebs. Juggalo scarred the shit out of celebs.


  • Anonymous says:

    Haahaa Britney Spear at the Gathering. lol that would be funny has shit.
    I just love that picture of the juggalo and britney spear all freaking out. ahh man that made my day

  • GermanJuggalo says:

    This guy is cool as fuck! Much Clown Love!

    Haters can suck dick! Ya just dont feel it!

    Psychopathic 4-life


  • mia loves them juggalos says:



  • Тата says:

    Бритни Спирс просто настоящее говно. Девка, которая не умеет за собой следить и ухаживать, позор! выглядит, как 50 летняя баба!!!


  • fuck that dumd ass bitch she ack like she never seen a clown before stupid bitch juggalo 4 life woo woo

  • woop woop says:

    fuck all the hatters much clown love motha fucka suck my dick bitch and lick balls like you do hoe

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