Kim Kardashian Likes Her Ice Cream With High heels!


Kim Kardashian wore her best high heels on the way to Pinkberry in Beverly Hills on Saturday!

Credit:David Aguilera/ LLC./London Entertainment/Splashnews

11 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Likes Her Ice Cream With High heels!”

  • Yummmmm PinkBerry. She’s just as yummy as that yogurt!

  • John says:

    Kim’s a whore

  • Modernkayaker says:

    Nasty ho, I hope you love the gift of AIDS you got from banging monkeys! FACT…

  • misty says:

    Hey those white jeans are smoking!!!! Does anyone know what brand they are?

  • abby says:

    Yeah I want those jeans too. Maybe ill walk into her and rip them off and wear them ………………………..

  • robicar says:

    shes hot

  • NAnCYYY says:

    LoVVE HErR

  • Jeff Stevens says:

    She is a monkey loving whore. She disgusts me!

  • 818 says:

    i don’t see why everybody is always hating on her. she seems like a lot of fun to me. so what if she has fucked some dudes? regardless, this girl is smokin’ and i’d eat that frozen yogurt off her ass.

    gotta say though, the sex tape thing was an obvious publicity stunt.

  • bitchess says:

    use people who bag kim are all FUKED!!
    kim is the sexiest woman alivee regardless thatshe made a porno and has fked a few guys.. any money all use lil skanks have done worst use aare all fuken jealous ..

  • me says:

    Kim is a useless, dumb slut who apparently isn’t 2 dumb at all b/c at least she’s making $ off her being a hoe instead of like all the hoes that do it 4 free. She’s a pretty, & even hot girl; but she’s dumber than a box of rocks. & 2 people she’s nasty b/c she’s banging “monkeys” U R racist & jealous b/c of huge, gorilla cock that apparently makes U cum like a waterfall! ha, ha!

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