Celebrity Fit Club Cast VS Dustin Diamond!

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Wow, Dustin Diamond bit off more than he can chew on the next episode of Celebrity Fit Club, OUCH! Check out the video of Diamond getting his tale handed to him by Celebrity Fitness trainer Harvey, run Screech run!!!!

58 Responses to “Celebrity Fit Club Cast VS Dustin Diamond!”

  • Tamra says:

    dustin is a narcissistic, passive-aggressive ass. kick him off.

  • fitgirl says:

    If he’s not putting on for the show, he has some serious anti-social issues. I feel bad for him.

  • Rondald says:

    Actually I think harvey was about to get his butt handed to him….Screech can fight like there is no tomorrow…I remember seeing him beat “horse shack” bad in a toughman style match…..I also know Harvey is not as bad as he trys to be…I watched one of his fitness videos and Harvey really could not pull off the tough guy act….I’ve yet to see Harvey enter any fight contest and I probally would bet he has never been inside a ring….Dustin Diamond on the other hand is no stranger to the ring…..Now I remember Dustin not backing down from Harvey one bit….I did not see Harvey coming out from behind that table at all {no one was stopping Harvey}……I personally see it as Harvey getting punked by Dustin….Harvey was scared to even except Dustin’s challenge to enter a ring with him….If Harvey really believed he could take Dustin then why out of all that talking he did why did no one hear “oh yea well I’m down for the challenge”???……Dustin challenged Harvey and Harvey was not up to accept the challenge. Words do not win a fight..fists win a fight.

  • ishmal says:

    little dusty “screech” diamond is a loser!!!!!!!!! harvey could definitly kick his ass, he just held himself back cause he has more cooth. screech needs to get kicked off the show and kimberly should sue him for sexual harrassment!! he was a bad actor when he played screech and he sucks as a comedian. he definitly has borderline personality and needs some serious mental therapy!

  • sandy says:

    This guy is really good at baiting people. (He’s a master baiter!) He makes statements that he claims are true and we all know that the truth hurts, especially when it is used for that purpose. Then, when people paraphrase his statements back to him, he says, “I never said that.” Use your tivo and watch this. Particularly, he says to Harvey “If you’d agree to combat, I’d fight you”. Harvey, of course, let’s that get under his skin and he loses his professionalism. While he’s yelling at the fat ass porn peddler, he says “First you say your gonna kick his (Ant’s) ass, then you say you’re gonna kick mine.” And while Harvey’s going off, the porn peddler says “Did I say that? Is that what I said?” and he stands there very smugly accusing Harvey of threatening physical violence because Harvey has lost his cool. This guy is a pussy of the worst kind. Yes, when you say that an overweight person is fat you are speaking the truth but we all know in polite society that this is hurtful, purposefully hurtful. This guy is manipulating this entire show – very successfully. What a jerk.

  • Big Dave says:

    I’d love to see Screech get his ass kicked by Harvey. Say what you will about Harvey but he was a real life drill instructor for the Marines and would put the “Diamond” boy in a world of hurt. If the dude is happy being a little pudgy wtf is he doing on the show? Go back to Milwaukee and stick your head in a cheese wheel.

  • jay says:

    Harvey is a lame ass, he basically busted the “keep it Real” sketch from dave chapelle. stupid black ppl!

  • D says:


  • JB says:

    Ronald you are a complete idiot. Diamond is a punk wuss he beat up a 50 something year old guy. OHHHH real tough

  • JF says:

    Say what you want about the Dustin… if it weren’t for people like him… reality shows wouldn’t exist.

    Do you really give a crap if DaBrat loses 20 pounds? I didn’t think so. Nor is it fun to watch. Now… seeing a former child star poke and prod at everyone and piss them off to no end… THATS FUNNY.

    I’m not really defending Dustin… I’m just saying… this makes good TV now days.

    People now days want to see turmoil. Simple as that. Dustin is keeping the show afloat for this season.

  • Me says:

    Screech does have a mouth on him. However, I do think he is helping the show at this point.

  • Larnov says:

    Oh yes Diamond beat up Horshshak but he woul never be able to beat any one who really stood up to him
    I would pay big noney to see Harvey knock him into Tommorow!
    Heck I think that the cast will end up beating the crap out of him.
    he has grown up to be a total jerk. And I would hope that no TV or Movie Producer ever offers him a job!

  • flo says:

    screech is the biggest assh*le ever. That’s why he had to sell t-shirts to save his house. why didnt he get off his fat ass and get a job?

    no class at all. Porn star my ass!!

  • eduk8r says:

    Dustin Diamond, act or not, has reached (if not created) a new low on the humanity scale. Anyone who treads every end of the stardom spectrum from selling shirts to save his house to being an asshole on VH1 to create a career in porn doesn’t deserve the press that television watchers are bound to give him. Hence posts like these…Let the man have his fifteen minutes. They’ll be over soon. And if his eating habits are any indication, his life in general won’t be far behind.

    Sidebar: Jay, Jay, Jay. May you never run into the “stupid black people” you so generally reference in your message. Stupid is a state of mind that knows no race, and stupid people are generally prone to violence and would probably fuck you up faster than you could edit that comment. (I can say that as a reformed “stupid black person” who, in younger days, would have taken the lead in your ass whooping. Thank goodness for age and maturity.)

  • stever says:

    Dustin did nothing wrong. The majority of the cast are struggling for celebrity attention, including the panel. They’re taking their insecurities out on the easiest target. Typical. To Dustin’s credit, he has stood his ground. As for Harvey, big mouth don’t make a big man. That what Harvey is, a mouth. When he saw that Dustin was CLEARLY not intimidated by him, it pissed him off. He’s used to people cowaring; intimidators always are. Dustin has handed everyones butt to them all by his lonesome. Best man in the bunch.

  • ddiamondforprez says:

    Ronald–exactamundo! The first thing I noticed was Dustin didn’t flinch when Harvey boy spit and barked. The second thing I noticed was Dustin challenge little Harvey boy. The third thing I noticed…..Harvey boy wouldn’t come out from behind the table. Is there anything less intimidating than a man (boy) standing at a distance, calling someone out to fight…but refusing to approach? Nobody can name anything Dustin has done wrong, because he didn’t do anything. He was singled out by a few spoiled, self-centered, ignorant (da brat), drama freaks who like to scapegoat. Dusting for Prez!

  • harveysfake says:

    Just watched a repeat of the show. I happened to notice something…Harvey didn’t come out from behind the table. Oh wait we already noticed that. Noticed what? Harvey wouldn’t come out from behind the table. He wouldn’t? Nope. Why not? He was askeered of Dustin. Really? Really. How come? Well Harvey’s a typical numbskull, all bark and not bite. Ah.

  • Igottaquestion says:

    Why didn’t Marsha Brady get offended and walk off when da brat made fun of retarded people? Why did she walk off when Dustin made fun of retarded people? Scapegoat. Easy target. They are all PISSED that they can’t hurt him. The more he refuses to get hurt, the greater the insults they throw at him. Pathetic.

  • herbahey says:

    I’m with Dustin. They band-wagoned him, several times. It’s frustrating to watch several weak people try to chop down a single strong individual. They should be ashamed of their tendency to project their feelings of weakness onto someone else in a gang-up style. Dustin you rule.

  • Ashley says:

    I love watching Celebrity fit club! Especially watching Dustin! He is the fat man of the show.

  • pukingforu says:

    I agree. Dustin is PHAT. 10 against one and the boy still stands tall. Poor Harvey now everyone knows he’s all talk.

  • Joni says:

    Dustin is a loud mouth ass who knows he’s a loser. He behaves like a child and leaves ‘Fit Club’ when the others are getting to him with the truth. You can’t handle it Dustin! You really are a loser…..you just can’t lose that fat ass that’s dragging behind you!

  • Kikyweazz says:

    Screech is the biggest woman on earth. He trembles when confronted. Loser plus a pussy. Killer combo screech. your a great actor hahahahha

  • Dean says:

    After seeing the final episode, it’s upsetting that Dustin recieved the prize as well, they didn’t need him… *Grumble* should’ve thrown him off the scale.,..

  • Paht Grannie says:

    Be careful, y’all. DD will have to contact his lawyer (can he really afford one) if he thinks you’re threating him (his reputation that is). This pathetic excuse for a man, needs to remember where he came from. My kids will never watch Saved By the Bell again, and any network that reruns this program should be boycotted. He calls himself a comedian? And I am sure he makes his parents proud, with every filthy slur that comes out of his mouth. I hope Mr. Diamond (if that is even his real name) you are blessed with healthy and charming children. I would hate to see what would happen to a less than perfect child with you as the “Daddy”. All in all, I was appalled by his behavior and I hope someone really kicks his ass. Right to the unemployment line. Uh Oh!, I expect a call from his lawyer any day now!

  • JS says:

    For all of you that are on dustin’s “side” you are not seeing what he is doing.He turned everyone against him on purpose because he needed t.v time and apprently his t-shirts wern’t working out. Harvey didn’t come out from behind the table because he KNOWS he could kick dustin ass without trying and he would be sent to jail just for Dustin and he knew that he wasn’t worth it. Dustin is just showing everyone that he is an douchbag that needs attention. I was so mad that he won because he didn’t deserve it. Even thought all his other teamplayers did.

  • Paula says:

    Harvey has five black belts in several martial arts…Dustin beat up Horshack…my money is on Harvey.

  • sydneys_mom says:

    I wanna see Screech go toe-to-toe with Danny Bonaduce. Bonaduce would pound that little pussy into the ground. I also hope Da Brat makes good on her promise to get someone to jump Screech. By the way, did anyone else notice that Screech’s pathetic, no self esteem having girlfriends is the one who really needs to lose weight!!!

  • jeannes says:

    Dustin is such a fool. He balks when others call him screech, but then goes and does it himself. That’s his MO, double speak. He says some crap in the limo about the one with the knowledge does not speak and then can’t stop spewing when he gets in front of the cameras. He is a loser who got hooked up with the right people in order to be on a winning team – just like the character he played. That’s the reality. The only thing that he can be counted on is to be a disappointment. He did lose that weight, but probably did so by starving himself the last week or so. Not quite following his own “plan”. Frickin’ loser, poor, pathetic, sad excuse for a human being.

  • Tim B. says:

    I’m honestly shocked at how many people are applauding Dustin for “standing tall” or “refusing to be hurt” by certain comments during the show. Lest we forget, it was Dustin who created the drama we saw throughout the season.

    I have had the misfortune to not only work with, but to have to spend time with, people like Dustin. As was noted before, he likes to bait people, get them to lose their cool, and then go on about how he had to “defend himself.” Ultimate hypocrite.

    Then he likes to come off like he “knows all,” using his so-called “logic” to show that he’s always right. If you’re so inclined, you can use logic to defend almost anything. That’s its power…and its flaw.

    It may not have looked like Dustin was hurt or intimidated by what anyone said or did, but rest assured this is one very lonely man. I would say he’s self confident, but it’s to a fault. Those who can never be told they’re wrong can be at best annoying and at worst reckless (i.e., Dubya).

    All said I loved how Ant went out of his way to tell the rest of Dustin’s team (Tiffany, Maureen and Ross) that it did not matter who they had as a team member, that they were the top-three weight losers percentage-wise and they would have won anyway. As much attention as Dustin created for himself, it was nice to see that he got the credit he deserved…zero!

    Kudos to the rest of Dustin’s team: I was personally pulling for Tiffany and I was impressed at how much better Maureen and Ross look! Wow!

  • dman says:

    what a collection of losers you guys are, this is a crappy network tabloid type show. No wonder we’re the joke of the planet. To think you guys invest sooo much emotion in this drivel. Loooossssers!!!

  • Tim B. says:

    dman, I would suggest this goes beyond this particular show for most people. This is an individual who felt it was OK to offer an inappropriate “toy” to one of the cast members and to make fun of another cast member missing his baby daughter. And those are just a couple of the examples of his abrasive behavior.

    I would further suggest that, if someone like Dustin were that abrasive towards you, it would be awfully tempting to “put him in his place,” correct?

  • Pfftt says:

    The dude missed his daughter so what? Everyone away from their kids misses them. Not every one uses their kids to bring constant attention on themselves, as the Kentucky Fried Hillbilly did. Every opportunity he saw he grabbed and ran with it….”Oh poor poor me…I miss her…poor poor me…everybody look what a great guy I am for being so emotional…WAAAAAAAAA poor me. ” It was all about HIM, not his daugher. Dustin saw through it, but then no surprise; he was easily more keen, more mature, and more socially cognizant than the whole group put together. Kim is mouthy and rude, always was, nothing new.

  • Hahahahah says:

    Dustin yeah baby! Saw through those losers huh. Hahahahahahha. Every last one of them was fishing for attention. I agree with the others….the weak LOVE to gang up on the one who remains steadfast in his convictions and stands behind what he says. Cowards

  • Kayla says:

    He is a fucking ass hole that can go to hell. Dustin never hit puberity and is a stupid mother fucker. All i have to say about him is that he can go to fucking hell with his porn tape and shit. Everything else that i have to say is all cull words. So FUCK YOU dustin diamond. FUCK YOU!

  • Tyler says:

    This season would have been captivating despite dustin diamond’s antics. However, it is obvious that a lot of dustin’s actions were to attract attention to himself and raise his star, but that doesn’t excuse there sheer patheticness. Most of what he did was completley selfish, cruel and distgusting. He is an absolute loser, who has zero comedy talent which leads him to have to rely on low blow jokes that arent funny. He deserves to get his ass beat and it is only a matter of time before it happens.

  • EL says:

    To that homo “Jay”, I hope some gang-banger carjacks you and pops a cap in your ass. Ultimately, physical strength is all that matters in this world. Your people know this better than anyone.

  • jeannes says:

    Does anyone else think that the ones here who are backing that asshole are actually DD assuming fake names? I can’t think of any other reason anyone would actually back the jerk. He was the one who hid behind his “reasons” everytime he failed a task or weigh-in or played the lawyer card whenever he was threatened. It just goes to prove my theory, “the bigger the dick, the bigger the dick.”

  • Tim B. says:

    Not sure whether Pfft’s comments warrant a response. It would seem to me that you, like Dustin, make fun of his missing his girl because you don’t have kids of your own. If you do, my apologies, but that might be even more concerning if you can still dismiss said emotions so readily

    And the others were fishing for attention? Well, of course they were! That is why each and every one of them were on the show to some extent. This brings me back to the hypocrisy card. You can’t have it both ways where you berate someone for doing the same thing which you applaud someone else for doing.

    And on Dustin standing up for his beliefs: Any objectionable person should understand that half of what he said was B.S./for show. The challenge is to determine which half.

    This reminds me of what Imus did to the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team. Regardless of the venue and regardless of the ulterior motive, such conversation and comments have no place in the same, because they have absolutely zero relevance to the topic at hand.

  • pfffffffffffffffft says:

    There are no “dustin antics”. The cast talked crap on him, he talked crap on them. They responded like children. Weak little children. They dished it out, then couldn’t take it. So they decided to do everything in their power to hurt and insult him, without success. You who side with the very dysfunctional cast, could learn a bit about CONTROLLING behavior. When an individual goes against the rest of a group, if that group is full of IMMATURE and CONTROLLING people, then the controlling people will HATE and DESPISE the inability to control the individual. Controlling people, however, reading this…will not get it. Right over their heads. Why? Because they cannot see beyond themselves; if they think it…it’s right. If xxx disagrees, he’s an ass, and needs to be controlled. Fa la la la la…la la la..la. World goes round, adults grow down, youth rises, wisdom surmises. Dustin taught them a valuable lesson; Control is an illusion.

  • yougotit says:

    Muwahahahaha. Watching these people stick up for the cast and get soooooo mad at dustin. So funny. It’s like when a child with a mind of his own is dragged on a talk show by a pathetic “mother” crying and blaming her life’s failures on her children. The crowd just hates that they can’t make the child afraid of them. Then the idiot military instructor screams in their face until the child cries. Then the crowd cheers and goes wild. All the women woop and holler..”yeah!!! we made the kid cry!!! yeah we showed him he can’t have a mind of his own!!! yeah we broke him!!! cause that’s what strong-willed people who disagree with the majority need…breaking!!! and we did it!! woo hooooo!” Pathetic. As usual weak-minded insecure people just can’t stand it when they can’t control someone else.

  • whatever says:

    well i think dustins dumb but i think they were almost all dumb so why do we watch this dumb show of dummies

  • hebesheebe says:

    well thought out and articulated there. haha. well all reality shows have a person to rile things up and make people mad so these blogs start and cause more people to watch more often. I believe if we were on the production of the show we would see people coaching dustin and the others to add fuel to the fire and fight on camera. we’re all being played but hey if we’re watching then we want to be played so its all good. peace.

  • saywhateh says:

    yeah skreech is da man

  • Tim B. says:

    I’m not angry at Dustin for resisting being “controlled,” as you put it. But I want you to tell me what kind of “crap” was directed at him which warranted his offering a “toy” to another cast member, which warranted his making fun of another’s emotions? What was there that gave Dustin the right to stoop that low? You suggest that Dustin is somehow “above” the others – and that we who support the others “don’t get it.” But I need you to tell me how much intelligence did Dustin really exhibit by said comments? I think we both know the answer to that.

    As for the completely irrelevant rant about parents trying to control their children: Control in those cases is not really the issue. It’s about respect. Not just respect for one’s parents, but respect for self. Between the two, I think respect for self, something I don’t think Dustin can honesty claim to possess, is paramount for someone to really be “at peace.” Children should have a mind of their own, no question. But don’t mistake the inappropriate and inexcusable behavior of the children alluded to above as their simply having a mind of their own. Also, don’t mistake the need for respect as a need for the child to “fear” the parent.

    Hebesheebe brings up a question I asked myself: Whether Dustin was “coached” into stirring the pot as it were. While I doubt he was told to offer Kim a “toy,” it wouldn’t surprise me that some of it was meant to be scripted. Dustin simply took it and ran with it in my estimation…right over the line….

  • Charlie says:

    Hey ronald, are you a complete dumbass or are you just trying to be funny? You actually believe Dustin Diamond can take on harvey because he knocked out Horse-shack in celebrity boxing? Let me be the first to say, you sir, are retard.

    Horse shack is a little out-of-shaped 2-bit bag of shit. He couldn’t fight his way through a wet stack of papers, it’s no surpise Dustin Diamond won, he obviously had an advantage over him.

    And Harvey is supposedly a marine. They are trained in close-quarters combat, you think Screech could kick his ass? God you are stupid. Harvery is in good shape too, he’s obviously got more endurance and strength than Dustin. Did you see the episode where they were bike riding? It was pathetic, Dusting fell off the bike like five times and gave up right away.

    You know what? Just punch yourself in the dick. Please.

  • totimb. says:

    Most humans confuse control with respect. Respect is earned, and only earned. You can’t beat respect out of a person, you can’t slap respect into a person. Neither can you manipulate or emotionally bully an individual into respect. In any and all of these scenarios, should the person start SUBMITTING, then the ignorant smile and say “NOW he’s being respectful.” That isn’t respect, that’s fear. Only those who have taken the time, and put forth the effort, to TRULY get to know who they are, what THEY want, only those understand fully the feeling of self-respect. Only those with said self-respect understand thoroughly the meaning of respect. Self-respect, coupled with sincere, respect for others, will bring genuine respect from others. Those who don’t know themselves, don’t because they’re making unreasonable rules in their own heads about the way a person SHOULD act, (is should a word created by self-righteous people desperate for control?), and hence expect EVERYONE else to abide by the same overbearing rules. When they don’t, the controlling person who doesn’t know themselves and is foreign to respect says “S/He’s SO disrespectful!” Rant? There’s your rant baby.

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  • Tim B. says:

    totimb, I actually agree with most of what you said – excellent points. Let’s take those points and get back on topic:

    I would submit that Dustin’s teammates earned his respect. Tiffany, Ross, and Maureen worked the program, stayed focused and finished in the top three overall in percentage lost. I would also submit that the other cast members deserved some respect for the same reason.

    But, as you put it, only “those who have taken the time, and put forth the effort, to TRULY get to know who they are, what THEY want, only those understand fully the feeling of self-respect.” Focusing solely on his teammates, I would suggest that Dustin does NOT understand the feeling of self-respect, thus causing him to create “unreasonable rules” in his own head and preventing him from showing the respect that his teammates earned. Considering that his teammates kept from being drawn into the drama that Dustin and the other team created for the most part, I cannot see any other reason why Dustin would not give them the respect they deserved. Further, I cannot see why he would not want to do his best for them, for his team, unless he does not have true self-respect.

    Remember that Dustin himself kept accusing others of attacking him, being “disrespectful,” when all they really wanted to do was help him. Could it be that Dustin is himself a “controlling person” who “doesn’t know himself?”

  • cutthecrap says:

    DD needs to realize that life is not a stage. That must be tough for someone who grew up on TV. But his quest for “truth and logic” is never going to be successful until he realizes what those words really mean—maybe he should consult a dictionary.

    From what I’ve read, he’s been dealing in lies for some time. Supposedly the foreclosure of his house was not true, the t-shirts he peddled did not get delivered to some who sent money; and the video he said was bootlegged, as per the producer, DD was well aware.

    In early episodes it appears DD tried to take the advice of the panel, at least in part, and did lose weight by doing so. He tried to be a team-player. But the dinner where they had gone to the lodge seems to have been the turning point. Though the dinner was a venue for the cast to get to know each other, DD decided to use it as a platform to air his problems. It was an inappropriate topic for dinner. When several castmates tried to change the subject, anyone with advanced social skills would have complied. He then could have spoken to the castmates that were sympathetic in a more conducive setting.

    That’s not what he decided to do. He eavesdropped on a private interview Kimberly and the others were having with the film crew and then overemphasized the manner in which Kimberly stated the cast was disinterested. This did snowball throughout the season.

    Unfortunately, DD’s reality is still a soundstage for his life. The scenary and characters are false and at some point he’s going to walk off that stage and realize that the audience had left the building some time back. The sooner the better for him.

  • factsstraight says:

    In fact, dusting was attacked. To prove this, he spent an entire episode remaining completely calm, refusing to react to antagonism. Why? To prove his point; he isn’t the antagonist. And the result? We watched all of them do their damndest to insult him, to rile him, and to draw him down into their mire. Dustin remained silent, and calm, proving thoroughly that, indeed, HE was the object of attack…even when he was kind and considerate. Harvey was clearly bothered by the fact that he could not hurt dustin with insults, or instigate him into uncivil behavior. Hence the smart ass remark that Dustin must be visiting some shrink type individual. Further, the SO-CALLED professional therapist was anything but. Her comment “So are we seeing the NEW DUSTIN?” was blatantly transparent in motive: Make him feel it was all HIS fault, that HE needs to change who he is. A “professional” who takes things personally, as she clearly has, in nowhere near a professional. Further, a “pro” who 1) insults 2) defends self 3) invalidates a persons emotions by directly implying there is something WRONG with them…is hideous, and needs to lose their license.

  • Uh-huh says:

    All people who are pro-dustin on this site are probably dustin himself. Let’s just do what we did to him over ten years ago: change the channel and forget the character.

  • iswatchingsavedbythebell says:

    Cause I’m saved by the bell-ell-ell….Gotta see my funny ass Skreech every day. Skreech FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

  • A Good Example says:

    Thank goodness there are ignorant, egotistical, childish individuals such as Dustin Diamond televised to us, the American public, to serve as an example for the reason why the human race fails to evolve. Hypocritical and illogical, he clearly stands for what we must strive to avoid regressing to. This is NOT an attack, but a blatant “thank you” for the grossness of an immature individual, who shows us the wrong way to conduct ourselves in financial, social, and overall challenging situations, for that is the only LOGICAL reason why he would behave in such an unprofessional way towards anyone in a professional environment.
    And clearly, he cares much for the women of the world, for he also shows that size really doesn’t make the man after all. A man may carry nearly a foot of length in his pants, but clearly it speaks little for the size of a well-evolved, wise, and mature character. He has saved the ladies from much turmoil over what really makes a man, because it most certainly isn’t his penis.
    I’m glad there are people like Mr. Diamond out there who refuse to evolve, for without them, we would have no one to serve as an example for what we are trying to avoid becoming.

  • Tim B. says:

    OK, I heard about proof from factsstraight regarding how Dustin was attacked first. I read through the passage a couple of times, and…where is it again?!

    I hope you are not referring to how he overheard Kim talking about Dustin’s choice of dinner topic. Calling that an “attack” is a bit of a stretch.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say our boy Dustin “took a shine” to Kim, and then got peeved when he knew he had no chance in hell. And, with all respect, he has a “big girl” for a girlfriend and then teases Kim for being a “big girl?” Comon…!

    I still don’t have an answer to my initial question: What attack against Dustin justified his shots at Kim and Cletus?? As bad as his quote regarding Kim was, I thought Dustin mocking Cletus for missing his daughter “invalidates a persons emotions by directly implying there is something WRONG with them,” which “…is hideous.” In fact it’s MORE hideous with Dustin because he explicitly said there was something wrong with Cletus for missing his daughter.

    Are the “factsstraight” now??

  • alameexample/tim-b-lame says:

    All that intellectual yibberyap don’t mean squat. You ain’t never gon’ get bow-legged from totin’ yer brains around, I reckon.

  • Phobus says:

    Screech is a punk. When Cletus got up he quickly mentions how his lawyers would be all over it if he gets touched. And he was not standing his ground, he was frozen in fear the asshole. He used the show to promote himself for free, then took some pills to drop the weight. He came out on top in the end winning with the rest. He didn’t deserve it. Why go on the show. He should of joined a big brother show or something.
    Nice how he got people to pay his house note and then has not shame to act the way he does. I don’t think Harvey wants to loose his job by beating the ass of that worthless guy. Did some of you really expect a fight. DD tried to pick a fight with Ant, because he is smaller than he is. He actions were shameful and a cheap way to get promotion for himself.

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