Paris And Nicky Hilton Go Shopping, Nicky Does All The Driving!

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Chauffeur Nicky Hilton drove sister Paris over to The Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch. After about an hour of nibbling, the girls drove over to Sienna’s clothing store on Melrose to find something that might match a large orange jumpsuit. Frustrated that nothing would fit, the girls headed over to Sunset Plaza for a little more shopping at Calypso! Lastly, To cool off the hot Beverly Hills day, Paris stopped off at Pinkberry for a mango vanilla yogurt! Yum Yum, O’ ya Janice Dickinson chatted up Paris while waiting in line ya’all!

Credit:David Aguilera/ Entertainment/Splashnews

5 Responses to “Paris And Nicky Hilton Go Shopping, Nicky Does All The Driving!”

  • la woman says:

    I think the mexican hombre will be Paris’ next fling

  • feather says:

    paris is my freaking idol!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelsie says:

    I bet she does not time for her crime. She buys her way out of everything, she is rich, stuck up and so bitchy. Her parents are equally dumb. I guess paris is the out come of two stupid people having a baby. Poor Nicky, she is the only level headed one not living of grand dads money.

  • tonyfresh says:

    haha i was there! i work 2 doors down frm cath. mal.

  • Alex says:

    paris should up in jail! Nikki’s the same daughter from the same parents, so ….

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