Paris And Nicky Hilton Are At The Beverly Hills Hotel Right Now!!!


Just minutes ago, Nicky Hilton picked up Paris at her Hollywood Hills home and drove her to The Beverly Hills hotel. I’ve just received a second report that they are actually eating lunch right now, stay tuned!

Credt:David Aguilera/ LLC.

4 Responses to “Paris And Nicky Hilton Are At The Beverly Hills Hotel Right Now!!!”

  • Stac says:

    Paris hilton could be the worst influance on society in the last 100 years… calling your girlfriend’s “sluts” is now considered an endearing term just like blacks using the N-word to reference their Ni***z. there is a blatant double standard going on and all of us girls should read this article so we watch what we say.

  • Anonymous says:

    esa perra se merece mas que 45 dias de calcel

  • jaimee getz says:

    wot a lot of nonsense!!! do people honestly think she is going to prison. I think not! Might be an enclosed building but this girl will be treated like royalty. her parents would not allow her to be put away without some negotiation as to how she is treated. just wonder if the situation would be different had she killed someone whilst driving on that night???

  • Sarah says:

    wow im at the beverly hills hotel right now and the night before last I saw Mary-Kate adn Ashley walk right past me. swear to god. they were there for dinner but i didn’t hear what they were saying.. i know it has nothing to do with paris hilton but oh well if u want to know something that has to do with her i rode in the same limo that she rode in 3 to 4 weeks ago she went to go get something dry cleaned and she was with nicky and some guy and she was on the phone with her dad.. yeah


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