Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail!


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Paris Hilton arrived at a Los Angeles Court house today and was given a 45 day jail sentence that will begin on June 5th 2007. Paris appeared very upset when leaving the court house. Eyewitnesses inside the court house said that when the judge announced that Paris would serve time, Hilton’s parents who were by her side, “gasped” in shock.

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27 Responses to “Paris Hilton Is Going To Jail!”

  • Nancy says:

    I think she should go to jail, She’s done a lot of things and should not get away with them. Who the hell she think she is?

  • Celest Nyte says:

    I know a guy, who had NO prior record, who went to jail for a year, because he was driving on a suspended license. he was not given 3 chances. She should have to do the time.

  • thinkimgonnabarfmor says:

    Her ma thinks it’s unjust! BBBAAAAAAgggggghhhhhRRRRFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do the crime you have to do the time it is very funny about her getting into trouble like this and not just getting a slap on the hand.

  • Riley says:

    FUCK THAT BITCH!! Paris should go to jail! she fucking deserves it!

  • Dya says:

    You can’t go around thinking your above the law. These celebrities promote sluttiness, drugs, alcohol and of course reckless driving and think they can get away with it. Paris gets no sympathy from me. She deserves to go to jail. Nicole Richie should join her!

  • grace says:

    I think you should STOP picking on paris just ’cause u don’t have what she has you’re all just jelaus, besides i think that her PRIVATE cell will look grr8 with all of that gucci and versace all over the place,or you we’re thinking she was going to be mixed with the other inmantes? oh come on it’s PARIS HILTON!!! bite yourselves

  • parissucksliterally says:

    I love how there’s always one juvenile LOSER who accuses people of being JEALOUS (or is it jelaus?) of Paris.

    I also love how these people can NEVER SPELL PROPERLY. It just shows the intelligence of Paris’ fanbase……makes me laugh.

  • Rotten says:

    No huge dicks in jail for paris. Poor puddy is going to go rotten there !!!!!!!!!!

  • Shame says:

    Chick has fingers Rotten

  • Melany says:

    Karma is such a bitch. Paris Hilton thinks she can get away with anything because she has money. Sorry to tell you that no one is above the law. This rotten brat acts like a 14 year old. There are so many talented and wonderful stars out there who had to work hard to get where they are. This no-talent racist bitch needs to be taught a lesson. I had a vision that this bitch will die in jail. I hope she doesn’t die so that she can taste the harsh reality of life. This is The Simple Life!

  • DaQueenBitch says:

    I think that YES all of you beotches hattin on mah homie hilton are just jelous because you ain’t shit and yall will never be shit okay and you know that for a fact now who the fuck wants to work for their $money$ like seriously if any of you dummies were just handed money your arm would be streched out with your hand wide open so don’t fucking deny it the truth hurts don’t it pussys so you all are just in denial right now soon you will get over it and start warshiping miss paris hilton like you should be you little pathetic snobs i don’t mean to playa hate cuz face it you ain’t no playa you just scum on the bottom of the earth like da rest of em

    peace the fuck out

    youz a hoe

  • sexybitch says:

    Thank God!!!!!!!! Stupid white bitch deserves it. They should throw in her sister, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie while they’re at it.

  • kelsey says:

    i think paris HSOULD NOT go to jail you dummy, ;] kthanks.

  • kelsey says:


  • jennifer says:

    she did bad things

  • Pearson says:

    If you break the law you deserve to be punished, I don’t think it will ruin her career because shes a bad bitch. Either way people make mistakes, maybe she’ll come out with a theraputic reality show helping young women who are out of control. If not she will still have enough money to do what she wants when she wants. I am interested to see the aftermath of her sentance.

  • tara says:

    she should go to jail,
    i agree with who said this:
    “I love how there’s always one juvenile LOSER who accuses people of being jelous of paris.”
    we are not jelous of rasism and white trash… she should go to jail cause she’s not ubove the law.
    and i keep asking myself this: paris hilton can’t sing, can’t act, can’t ANYTHING, so why the hell is she so famous??

  • cayleigh says:

    stop it i think paris should not go to jail because she can be a bitch but she has the right and money to save her not to go to jail and she did help childern in need just cause ahe does do it on air does mean she dont

    ya so what if she had some fines just stick am angle brate on her so she cant sit in the frout of a car or dirve for 45 day

  • Nicole says:

    Paris Hilton is a “little girl”! What 26-year old has both of their parents go to the hearings with them! Paris’s mom is a “joke”! Not to mention she showed up at least 10 minutes late to hearing-wow-I bet that impressed the judge. If Paris killed someone from drunk driving, her mother would say, “This is a joke! Who cares it is NOT like they were important” and Paris would say, “I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I did not know drinking could lead to anything bad!” It makes me sick that her mom suports drivers, like the drunken ass hole who was responsible for my best friends death a year ago. Personally, I hope Paris shows up late, so she gets 90 days in jail. I do not understand why people praise Paris as if she is a god, she has done NOTHING for anyone, but herself. It is disgusting how she spends over $3,000 on a freaking purse, while people is Africa are lucking if they get a little meal a week! Isn’t it ironic how people who are multi-millionaires like the Hilton’s cannot afford to donate their money to feed the hungry or use their leisure time to help out a soup kitchen. However, us working-class, can do both! What is our world coming to?

  • anthony says:

    i think the blonde bimbo deserves it. she says that she brings joy to “mundane” lives if anything shes the cause of it. i think they went too light on her. she should just rot in prison for all i care. she sucks royaly. why are people so caught up with her? she dosnt even do anything! she just gets drunk and calls people a fire crotch… she needs professional help.

  • tom says:

    Hey i know a guy that had one day in jail

  • emi says:

    Hahahaha… no.. poor Paris!!! She IS after all a celebrity!!! THEY SHOULD NOT GO TO JAIL!!! She’s too hot for jail… I wonder if there are pictures of her in jail… did she not make this a reality show?? why?

  • kewlerthanu says:

    paris hilton is way better than all of you and i think she rox 4 being bad and everybody is just jelous!! woot woot go paris
    and fuck yall haters

  • Cass says:

    I think ‘Miss Hilton’ should go to jail. Shes done so many wrong things yet she gets away with it. Why is it that celebs get away with it?! You see us working folks, we bust our butts and STILL get nothing. How the heck did she become so famous anyway? Not acting, not singing. I think she should be knocked out of the ‘celebrity buisiness’, what good is she? She promots bad things to young girls, women and probably even boys. She also puts a totally wrong ‘brand’ on us women. Anyway, I think she should go to jail and she should have all her privalges taken away from her. Toodles.

  • Lollipop says:

    I think paris hilton should not go to jail, everyone should stop being horrible to her, all of you are just jealous! She is no different to anyone else that has been driving and had a few drinks, cut her some slack- its not as if youve never done it before!!! (You just havent been caught!) She shouldnt have anything taken away from her!!!!

  • HappyHoppy says:

    Lollipop are you insane? I’m not jealous of her I rather be a middle class regular girl than a stupid whore who thinks she is soooo special because she video taped herself having sex! If she was treated like everyone else SHOULD WOULD BE IN JAIL STILL!!!!You try doing the same crap she’s doing and see if you get treated like her. She could of killed someone but luckily she didnt.

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