Britney Spears Performs At The House Of Blues In Hollywood Tonight!



Well the lines already wrapped around the block at House Of Blues in Hollywood and like Britney’s previous performance’s the tickets say “Starts at 7pm‘ were the tickets tonight say “starts at 8pm.” I know when I saw the show in San Diego she didn’t come on stage till 10 pm so it’s understandable that they changed the times. She probably hasn’t changed anything in her dance routine either, but i hope there’s something different about this show! Hope it goes at least 17 minutes !!!

2 Responses to “Britney Spears Performs At The House Of Blues In Hollywood Tonight!”

  • julio says:

    im so excited about this events. she is crawling but she will be walking soon. a totally love britney. BRITNEY, I LOVE YOU. WISH YOU THE BEST. and dont listen to the haters, you can be a mom and have your life to. just bahaive thats all.

  • julio says:

    first bitches!!!!!!!!!

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