Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Partying Late Last Night!


Jessica Alba and Cash Warren tried sneaking into a party at Mr. Chows last night. The two love birds joined what appeared to be a wedding party that ran late into the night.

Credt:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

48 Responses to “Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Partying Late Last Night!”

  • Maritza says:

    He sure doesnt look like her type

  • Williaam says:


    It would be great help if I could get some clarity on the real issues…

  • viviana says:

    cash is not even close to being cute

  • Toni B. says:

    Cash is very handsome! It’s amazing that people (white) manage to overlook a person’s ethnicity to rather believe they are white. Cash is Black (his father is actor Michael Warren of Hill Street Blues, look it up) & Jessica Alba is Hispanic. Their baby will be beautiful!

  • Toni B. says:

    Vin Diesel & The ROCK are also BLACK!

  • goddard says:


  • Kat says:

    Toni, you’re a fucking idiot! Cash is half black and that makes him mixed. I’m so sick of people like you with their one drop rule mentality. As for Jessica, she’s Mexican but she’s other ethnicities too. One doesn’t trump the other no matter what is is. You’re the bigot!

  • Abre los ojos says:

    Multiracial or biracial..hello!! Welcome to 2008 people. When people are of mixed ethnicities it actually means that they are mixed with more than one race and that both should be acknowledged.

  • Abre los ojos says:

    Oh and..I agree they make a beautiful couple and will have a gorgeous baby.

  • Lindsay says:

    No Jessica is half white half MEXICAN and he is what i am trying to figure out..she isn’t hispanic

  • Lindsay says:

    Totally agree with Kat that is so annoying. Jessica mother is danish and french which is WHITE since french and danish are a ethnicity not a race and half mexican. KNOWLEDGE for you thats half white and half mexican. i hate when people disclude one race like the the parent did exist .( like HALLE BERRY) hello her mom who is white is the only one you see pictures of.and by the way he is half black and half white. which the baby is more WHITE

  • Trisha says:

    Lindsay, why would you specify that the baby will be “more WHITE”? What difference does it make? That is exactly why people of mulitple races tend to identify with the non-white side! As far as the “one drop rule” that someone mentioned earlier, do people look at Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts and have to ask about their ethnicity? NO! It’s obvious that they are white. It’s usually just as obvious when someone is NOT. Therefore, people of multiple races are still classified as non-white, regardless of whether or not they want to claim it.

  • Trisha says:

    And, for the record, I am “multiracial” myself.

  • Gisela says:

    Yes Jessica is half white (mom) and half mexican (dad). As far as Cash it says his father is michael warren and his mother is Jenny Palacios. Palacios is a spanish last name so he’s got some sort of hispanic and black… to be honest i would’ve never guessed he had black in him. He looks latino/hispanic or italian to me =/

  • honeychild says:

    umm…. have any of you heard of the term “biracial” (or in some people’s cases, “multiracial”)? to call cash warren “black” is incorrect. the man is HALF black. and furthermore, jessica is biracial as well and is very vocal about it. her mother is of danish descent and her father is mexican. she calls herself biracial.

    some of you need to get w/ the program. its 2008, not 1908. jim crow no longer applies.

  • Alex DiVincenzo says:

    Interstingly, genetically speaking, Jessica Alba is almost definitely more “White” than any other single ethnicity. A recent study using DNA analysis sampling hundreds of US Hispanics found that, on average, about 50% of the DNA of US Hispanics is derived from Europe ( Mostly Spaniards, and yes, Spaniards are white people, much like French and Italians). Therefore, assuming that Jessica Alba’s father has a genetic makeup similar to that of the typical US Hispanic, given that her mother is 100% white, from a strictly genetic standpoint, Jessica Alba is probably 75% white and 25% Non White (Native Mexican Indian, and possibly some Black).

  • noella says:

    Classifying oneself as black is nothing to be ashamed of. Halle Berry identifies herself as black, not biracial. Every human being in this country has some other race mixed in, we don’t all call ourselves bi-racial. I have light skin, but I still call myself black, and I’m proud of it.

  • Jaye says:

    You say it’s 2008 not 1908? Might as well be 1908, we’re still talking about race and how to label someone. What difference does it make, they’re all human beings.

  • common says:

    Noella,yeah you may be light skinned but the difference between that and “bi-racial or multi-racial” is that we (I am multi-racial/ethnic) have parents who belong to totally different ethnic/racial groups therefore we are different than “most” Americans. Even though you might have ancestors who were a different race, your parents probably belong to the same racial grouping. Mine don’t neither do Cash Warren, Halle Berry, or Jessica Alba. So in conclusion, there is ethnically speaking- biracial and multiracial individuals…

  • common says:

    you all say that this does not make a difference- than why must we always bring it up?

  • ebz says:

    @ Alex um….where did you get those numbers ’cause they look fishy.

  • ilsa says:

    OMG!!!!!!! thanks people
    i couldnt find ANY info on Cash Warrens ethnicity
    and yes he looks 100% italian to me :p

    ps-I’m (1000%)albanian and PROUD

  • Lindsay says:

    First of all IF i have a bi racial child the child will be proud of both theire races not exclude one because they feel its cooler to be another. and Noella you have white in you , u are sayin??? and u can’t admit it. Thats sad I feel bad for the parents who’s heritage can go down the line because there kids aren’t willing to admit they are biracial. Is there something wrong with being white. And Noella your proud of being WHAT. U can’t be a proud person when you can’t admit everything that is in you. That is a Shame to your parents and If I was the white mom I would not be happy. Who cares about it being 2008. its sad that u can’t state your true race regardless of whether ur mixed with everything. By the way OBAMA is mixed before that becomes an issue. And Trisha people aren’t just calissified as NON WHITE if they are mixed didn’t u ever fill out a survey you click as many boxes as much. People like you make me never want Biracial children to imagine a child to disclude a heritage from their parents and sad.

  • Lindsay says:


  • Lindsay says:

    BY THE WAY ITALIAN ISN”T A RACE ITS AN ETHNICITY.. and YOU EVER See the question r u hispanic or non hispanic before Spain is considered WHITE… Very sad that there is such bigots and people are ashamed of stating there mixed. SHIT YOU LOOK IT I mean you can tell a biracial individual.

  • Ann Marie says:

    Being light skinned is definitely not the same as being biracial or multiracial. My mother is chinese, and my father was black. I grew up with my white stepfather, and have to say that I have a strong racial identity. I identify and am aware of my “histories.” I watched my white dad struggle with his own racism growing up in the USA, but also felt my mom’s shame for being chinese, when I would choose to say I was black. I realized as I grew older that I had the rare opportunity to grow up being exposed to different cultures, languages, foods, and points of view all at home. I am proud to be of mixed race, black, chinese, biracial, irish (mom’s ancestors as well as father’s), and above all proud to be part of the human race.

  • DoucheBaggg says:

    YOU ALL ARE FAGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia Breaux says:

    I’m bi-racial and I am not ashamed of neither my Black or Cuban cultures. Black makes eveerything beautiful, obviously. Most people who are mixed with black, most cases end up being attractive. Yes, Cash Warren is mixed with black and white. He looks just like his father Michael Warren (Black). As for as Obama, everyone knows he’s black and white.However, America still seems to call him the possible first BLACK president. They consider him Black, they do not acknowledge his White side. So, you all need to realize that is evident that in this country we live in, people consider you Black, if you have one parent that is. This is still a racist country, people just handle it differently in today’s era.

  • Katie says:

    I think most people and most people who are biracial side with the side that they most look like. That’s why Halle Berry says she’s black or Obama is called the “Black candidate”. It would be really great if everyone was blind and just acknowledged the genetic make up of people….like I am 25% african, 50%asian, and 50% english, but they don’t. You are normally classified by what you look like. It’s not a perfect world.

    I’m mostly of English decent with a small amount of I French. Just in case anyone wants to a face to the comment. My child is white as well. I never wanted a biracical child because I want my child to look like me . I went out with an Indian guy once and it horrified me to think about reproducing with him. Plus if you read about English history they really rock and are a tough group of people who never back down. We rule the world. I don’t want to lose that. I am very proud of my ancestory, but it doesn’t make me racist. I hate all this white guilt in this country. Like it’s a bad thing to be proud of being white. Well I’m not. You never hear about an English slave. Mostly because an English/Briton would rather die than be one. (Boudicca anyone??)

  • mama says:

    for the dumb asses Mexican and French is not an ethnicity it is a nationality. you can be mexican of european , indian or even african origins. you can be french of african , asian, middle eastern origins etc.. . Iam French AND black..Don’t assume all French people are white and all mexican are mixed…only close minded racist ignorant people believe that…
    Also I am sick and tired of all those debates on internet about who is what..In the US it always comes back to that on internet forums: people’s ethnicity, never about their talent (of lack of it) or anything else…SAD that shows how much americans are RACE obsessed ( which by the way doesn’t even exist scientifically) only in america..

  • Henry says:

    Hey Katie,

    This may be a few months too late but…


  • Alexander Berry says:

    The UN estimates that in 50 years time there will be 2 to 2.5 billion more people on this planet. All that increase will be in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    Meanwhile Europe’s population is set to fall by 40 million or so.

    Put simply, there will be 7.5 billion non-whites on this planet and 1/2 a billion whites.

    With all mass immigration into Europe and North America (plus the culture of large families) it is a mathmatical certainty blond hair, blue eyes and nordic beauty (as distinct from any other, not better) will disappear from this earth never to return.

    This removal of an important aspect of humanity’s beauty should not be allowed to happen.

    There has been 10,000 years of human civilazation with only the last 500 years being of North European dominance.

    And from Empire and slavery to mathmatics and economics, not one thing from that time had it’s origins in the last 1/2 millennia.

    It has just become easy to blame us for all the world’s woes.

    And to our shame, we have allowed this insult to our fathers, 99% of which never had a vote let alone own a slave.

    They did, however, die at an age comprable to one, either down a mine or recruited into the army as ‘cannon fodder’.

    The descendants of these 99% are boiling in Europe and will not allow the extinction of their peoples through cowardly betrayal and immigration.

    It may interest you to know when you consider the ‘love’ for Obama you think Europeans have, that 24 out of the 27 EU countries have right-wing or right-wing coalition governments.

    Some even in coalition with the far-right.

    So why do they want an amateur left-wing liberal for the US yet have elected politicians further right than McCain for themselves?

    Clue: it begins with ‘M’ and is the root of all evil.

    Hallie Berry’s mother’s parents wanted their grand-daughter to be proud of being an Ango-American as much as Hallie herself is proud to be African-American.

    War is coming from Europe once more.

    And in the RACE for survival, we will not be found wanting.

  • Pam says:


    Please educate yourselves on the difference between the terms “race” and “ethnicity” first and foremost, and THEN make ignorant comments about multi and biracialism.

  • Trina says:

    I am confused about my race like so many out there- my father was from Mexico never around. my mother was american i grew up with her until i was 6 then adopted by an american family- for me i dont know a word of spanish i grew up in a non hyspanic culture but i guess i am- i just feel that i fit in with americans more. friends consider me more white then hyspanic but i have olive tan skin dark hair brown eyes- i have a friend who has an american mom mexican father she has light skin and hair brown eyes she considers herself white because she is thats what color she is i am darker but same exact partent ethnicity is she white? am i white?

  • star says:

    this is to Katie, you are a freak!! lol!! honestly, what are you on? drugs? why would you want to put something like that down? for attention??? you say you aint a racist by your whole message portrays you as one because you say “we rule the world” and theres no such thing as a “white slave”. Man, get over yourself.

  • BrownPaperBagNigguurgh says:

    we have like a legacy of people with black blood all over holywood some hide it when they pass and the media hides it for them many examples of people you thought was white what looked somewhat “different” through out the media age these people who Pass will not go anywhere near the subject and will deny it ..yet if the said person had just a subtle hint of african blood he/she will scream it from the roof tops and gravitate around the black side of his/her ethnicity it shows how we are still owned

  • kennyab says:

    Well said mama. Americans really have a big problem confusing nationality with race. Saying someone is half white and half cuban is like saying half white and half american. Understand that there are racial divisions within most countries and every region in the world. e.g. The president of Chile is the child or grandchild of japanese immigrants who arrived in Chile to work on the railroad. So while he is ethnically hispanic what is he racially? Also the whole racial identity thing varies from culture to culture.In the Arabic world the son identifies with with the father’s lineage.

  • kennyab says:

    (continued)Osama Bin Laden’s and egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s mothers were both black somalians but both men are perceived as arabs.

  • kennyab says:

    Correcton ref my comment referring to Anwar Sadat. His mother was a black sudanese not somalian as I said earlier.

  • kennyab says:

    As for the U.S., a non hispanic person with black genes is not allowed to opt out (a legacy of slavery i would imagine). The 1/16 rule was a legal thing used in Louisiana to prevent mixed race individuals with black blood from using the courts to enforce any property claims.

  • kennyab says:

    Tiger Woods can run around for the rest of time and proclaim himself as a cablanasian but the world sees a black guy. and lets take the 1/16 rule a little further. This means that whatever one of your great great grandparents were, then that is 1/16 of you. Consider that fraction. Does everyone realize, if you don’t consider inbreeding, that we all have 4 grand parents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents, 32 great great great parents and so on and so on.

  • kennyab says:

    (continued) so for everyone that wants to pick out one individual and say my great great granfather was a great army general, my next question is really? What did your other 7 great grandfathers and who are they?

  • Black? There are NO “Blacks” any more.. 90% of American born “Blacks” are not Black at all. Most have “White in the woodpile” somewhere.. This is good, it means that eventually “Blacks” will realize this and understand there is no longer reason for hate….. Hopefully sooner than later.. I am really tired of “Blacks” playing the race/minority card! MW

  • caublinasian142 says:

    hmm, cash warren is half african american half white, simply put, he is biracial or whatever, and as for jessica alba, she is probably something like 75-80% white and 20-25% mexican native, because mexican isn’t a race, its a mix of multiple races(doubt african mexico isn’t like the other latin american countries or should i say the ones in that area near the caribbean) I am caublinasian like tiger woods, but a little different as I am not attracted to not-so attractive white women(i don’t particularly find white models attractive unless they are on FHM or some magazine that allows women to have an actual ass and thighs(not too much but not skin bone). By the way NEVER say puerto rican and mexican in the same damn sentence, they are too damn different. Puerto ricans in my opinion are more attractive, and tend to have african and taino admixture, mexicans do not have taino they have aztec or some other blood maybe olmec if they are part african. I do not really like how people generalize latinos and african descended blacks into one category. Dominicans are not like mexicans, nor are puerto ricans, and fucking jamaicans are not african american, and sometimes i know jamaicans who check other because they associate black with black american(rare most jamaicans put black). But the whole point is interracial marriages occur. You think chris browns light high yellow ass is all black? But white people call him just black, and black people call him just black. We need to tear these race lines and be like this: all I see is blank. Everyone has a blank slate, doesn’t matter race, just what they can and will do. I don’t agree with those opposed to race mixing, like i don’t agree with those that say black is ugly and white is beauty. because in the end we all bleed red, and shit brown(on a normal basis), and ejaculate white.

  • caublinasian142 says:

    oh and im tired of half black/half white that act like being half black is a sin, and try to whiten up their heritage with lies(yes lies or not telling the whole truth)(my dad is one of them his dad is half black half creole(making him more black than white) and mother is clearly half black half mixed(taino/white) but always talking about his white ancestors like they are the only ancestors he has. Its not his fault tho, cus my mom is racist( half filipino half chinese/spanish) and she was pissed off when the birth certificate said that we are black because of the one drop rule.

  • Annawithoutcolor says:

    be convinced there are only 2 big differences over the human race, rich and poor, if the theory of evolution is true we are black because our ancestor is the monkey (monkeys are black), so maybe we are transparent if we go back to our oldest ancestor, bacteria, then we would have an incredible mix of colors (the bacteria can be white, blue, green, red, transparent nonsense ………..), whatever, color does not matter we are only human with or without money, money does not matter your color. Excuse my English I am a transparent human without money . jajajajja

  • Annawithoutcolor says:

    Convénzanse sólo existen 2 grandes diferencias sobre la RAZA HUMANA, RICOS Y POBRES, si la teoría de la evolución es cierta somos negros porque nuestro ancestro es el mono (los monos son negros), luego tal vez seamos transparentes si es que nos remontamos a nuestro ancestro más antiguo, las bacterias, en ese caso tendríamos una mezcla de colores increibles (las bacterias pueden ser blancas, azules, verdes, rojas, transparentes………..), en fin qué tonteria el color no importa solo somos humanos con o sin dinero, al dinero no le importa tu color. Disculpen mi inglés, soy una humana transparente sin dinero. jajajajja

  • Pia Razon says:

    I don’t think Toni was trying to be racist. Understand that every Black person in the U.S. is technically bi-racial. The percentage may vary from 40% – 95%, but you would be hard pressed to find an African American who doesn’t have European blood. Scholars estimate most African Americans are roughly 84% African with European or Native American blood. Quincy Jones is 66% African. Oprah is 89%. I just had an admixture test and discovered I’m 72% African. Yet society has never made allowance for this dynamic withing the Black community – everyone is African American period (whether light skinned or darker complexion). We are not called bi-racial. So, to most Blacks, Cash Warren is just another African American who has white blood in his blood line like the rest of us. Most Blacks like Beyonce don’t even know their ethnic breakdown – they just know they came from African slaves who were most likely raped or kept as mistresses by European owners. That is why Halle Berry calls herself African American, because like the rest of us she is of African Heritage with European blood, born and raised in America.

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