Lacey Chabert “Mean Girls, Bratz, Lost In Space!”


Holy ghost boots! Lacey Chabert shopped at Madison yesterday with some friends!

Credit:David Aguilera/

4 Responses to “Lacey Chabert “Mean Girls, Bratz, Lost In Space!””

  • micky says:

    those boots are horrible

  • robert says:

    lacey is such a hottie

  • lacey says:

    dude i love you!!!your such a great actress aand by the way i love your boots(i like unique stuff)c-ya!!!!1

  • pissed says:

    You fag! Stop ruining perfectly good pictures by putting your logo shit all over them! Put it out of the way so I can see the actual subject of the picture! What is she holding? I can’t tell, cuz some faggot shit all over the picture! And why the fuck did you shrink it so bad? It’s so small, you almost can’t tell which one is Lacey.

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