Alec Baldwin’s Angry Voicemail!

[youtube BxwD4UGnJjc]

Alec wants you to know what a rude little pig you are!

3 Responses to “Alec Baldwin’s Angry Voicemail!”

  • Anonymous says:

    disgraceful who calls their daughter a little pig? seriously i thought he was gonna bust a valve

  • K.T. says:

    what a dufous…
    this gets my vote for what should be Ireland Baldwin’s response… nice and simple:The Voicemail Solution for Alec Baldwin’s Daughter

  • Theresa says:

    First off, I just want to say in the heat of the moment parent says things that one doesn’t think of because of the anger. Every parent does it at some point. Unfortunately, Alec Baldwin’s message was leaked onto the internet. I do admit pig would be way out there but who knows maybe his daughter is a rude little girl. Some kids do deserve it!

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