Jordan Shops In Beverly Hills Over The Easter Weekend!


UK Reality Stars Take over Hollywood!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

7 Responses to “Jordan Shops In Beverly Hills Over The Easter Weekend!”

  • I realy think Katie Price looks great. Im from england I have met her before at one of her book signing. I just want to know does anybody know a website where I can order that outfit. Or katie if your reading can I buy yours if you dont wear it again. Thankyou. Lucy

  • Ale says:

    I think this woman is a ugly piece of trash! Who the fuck gives a shit about her and her husband and their soon to be ugly baby!!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a fake knock off of the Beckhams…….. Loosers! Please CP stop posting about this hiddeous woman and her ugly husband!

  • audre says:

    Oh my God !!! They both are so ugly, trashy and gay ! Who are they and why ppl keep posting these unknown untalented people ?

  • You guys are probley from america. But if you lived in england you would know all about katie and peter. The are the country most photgraphed couple. Katie prices model name is Jordan now that she is married she is also known as katie Andre. she is glamour model she has wrote a novel called angel and her next novel is coming out in june. and she has kids books coming out. She had 2 autobiographys and another one is coming out in january which is like a diary. she getting perfume, makeup,. ermmmmm she want to get a model angecny open she has acharity album underwear and swimwear rang e she has a fitness dvd out ans shes getting another one out she had documentry and everything theres too much too write shes basically pamela anderson nearly worldwide. and like paris hilton status.

  • corinne davies says:

    for everyone who dont like katie n peter and think there ugly and trashy take a look at urselvs.. katie might get her tits out for shoots but she’s made some god dam money if i knew i would be as successful i wouldnt hesitate. as for her ugly son t be take a look at the other 2 there sooo cute especially harvey, katie has brung 2 kids up and about to bring another up all i can say she has done really well and she’s a really good mother. katie i think u have done really really well with urself and you are a role model to alot of people Xx

  • Austin says:

    i want to see new episodes…of the show…i like them..and their son Harvey…why so many re-runs…they have a 2 year new son and a daughter we have never seen on a show…can anyone tell me when the new eopisodes will air?


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