Lindsay Lohan Likes Cupcakes!


Lindsay Lohan grabbed some cupcakes yesterday on Melrose In Hollywood. There was one cupcake that she kept playing with but just couldn’t manage to bite!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

7 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Likes Cupcakes!”

  • Anonymous says:

    did you notice appears that she is flipping off the cameraperson in this photo- her right hand

  • Ano N'mous says:

    That ‘lil scamp.

  • lucy says:

    Lindsay who. I see her all over the STAR pages. But I guess I would have to watch low budget porn to see her on TV. She so sucks to look at…

  • vincenzo says:

    what about that finger wow she likes someone!

  • janhavi says:

    lindsay lohan is very talented and prettty and i know that she has a nice heart but she has to take care of her self i mean she is destroing herself!

  • Taha Lohanâ„¢ says:

    Lohan I think she is so pretty and she is awesome Only i want to huge her and say to her that i’m the most fan that love her.

    My rule ………….. Why do we Want what we Can’t Have?
    Taha’s rule…………………….Life is not that Pink!

  • Brit says:


    Giving the finger you’re a class act LiLo

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