Buy Phoebe Price’s Candle!



Phoebe Price wants you to smell like a  celebrity over at Phoebe’s really cool so you won’t mind the  candle!

Credit:David Aguilera

7 Responses to “Buy Phoebe Price’s Candle!”

  • Jory says:

    Thanks for the update, Phoebes!

  • james ball says:

    she can look me up and i will make her a star.

  • juusi says:

    phoebe price has the most beautiful and largest cheeks in hollywood Phoebe´s cheeks explode when she smiles ! they grow beautifully with every smile and
    extend well beyond her nose. her cheeks even seem to have small peaks like a bicep !! unreal !

  • juusi says:

    I dont think there is anyone who has nicer and sexier cheeks and cheekbones than phoebe price.
    Her cheeks are so big and defy gravity as well, because they do not sag down, but actually form
    peaks. Phoebe´s cheeks grow so big every time she smiles gorgeously.

  • phoebworld says:

    Phoebe Price your face, your smile and gorgeous cheeks
    are toooooooooooooo much ! Thank you for being so beautiful !

  • holli says:

    Why is Phoebe Price becoming more and more popular. Well one obvious reason is her looks. Phoebe possesses one of the most gorgeous faces on the planet, a dazzling smile and Phoebe´s cheeks are just too much. Her cheeks are so prominent, you´d think they can defy gravity . Phoebe is the only woman i know who can form enchanting cheek peaks when she smiles. And she knows how to dress. Phoebe Price is a goddess and will go down in history as one of the most glamorous and beautiful women ever.

  • holli says:

    Phoebe dazzles everyone she meets,
    when she strolls down the streets.
    Phoebe Price is so damn neat!
    For her its such a simple feat,
    to have so many come and greet.
    And when she smiles, oh what a treat,
    cause no one beats, Phoebe´s cheeks !

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