Rod Stewart’s Daughter Probably Likes Black Sabbath!



Kimberly Stewart wore a Black Sabbath t-shirt and boots to the gym yesterday!

Credit:David Aguilera

5 Responses to “Rod Stewart’s Daughter Probably Likes Black Sabbath!”

  • Mayra Estevez says:

    This website should be called Kimberly Who cares about this loser ? Why are you guys so obsessed with her ?

  • thedirtybubble says:

    i like black sabbath.

  • Tim Beal says:

    Kimberly Stewart is a very private individual,,,,,perhaps that’s why the media,{if you could call yourself that} tries endlessly to publish trash about people you can’t get any information from. INVENT IT? WHY NOT?The trash is on you.

  • Wanna Be says:

    Could be that you are jealous of this pretty lady,,,,huh Mayra?

  • Sprmcandy says:

    She is soo cute, I could eat her sweet cunt out by the hour & die happy having done so.

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