Joan Collins, Vintage Puke!


Joan Collins looks like she’s ready for a Tom Collins drink!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

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  • Lance says:

    What sort of talent did this hag ever have? Has she ever worked an honest day in her life?

  • kirsty louise webb says:

    i love and adore joan collins she is my idol. shes an amazing actress and a great role model for young actresses like me as i am training so any one who says nasty stuff about her should keep there mouths shut!
    love u joan eva kirsty xxxxx

  • Maggie Cannon says:

    Joan Collins was an inspiration to me and changed my life. She is without doubt one of the sexiest, most seductive actresses ever to be on screen or stage. She has outlasted all her contempraries and critics. No-one smokes a cigar or uses a cigarette holder like Miss Collins. She struts her stuff on her 4 inch heels with flair and style. She attracts me years younger than herself. I admire and envy what she has done.

  • Fiona Neeling says:

    Like Maggie Cannon (above) I too was inspired by the beautiful, timeless Miss Joan Collins. Frustrated with a boring, lifeless marriage I took a leaf out of Joan’s book – lost weight, dressed with outlandish style and started smoking panatellas. My life turned around. I soon developed gorgeous young admirers, some of whom became lovers.Two tears ago I remarried an absolutely fabulous man 15 years younger than my ex. Thank you Joan for your inspiration!

  • Jean Caspin says:

    Just read entries rom Maggie & Fiona – I thought I was the only one inspired by Joan Collins!! I also modelled myself on Joan when the Dynasty series was on – stilettos, shoulder pads and Mores cigarellos! Found myself a string of new young boyfriends and successfully cuckolded my short, fat, bald (but wealthy) husband.
    Joan, you are a true Goddess!!

  • Pats says:

    Maggie, Fiona and Jean: you’re all testaments to the impact Joan Collins has had on our world. While some would discount her I do not. Joan is sultry, intelligent, sharp tongued, humorous, in maddeningly good shape, opinionated and courageous. Joan Collins ‘goes for it’ just as you three do. Count me in, Joan has always inspired me to play the cards dealt by life and move onwards and upwards. I adore Joan Collins, she’s a survivor and so am I.

  • nrthdude1 says:

    This “hag” has worked her ass off since the 1950′s. She never had an easy career and her marriages weren’t that great either. But she raised her kids by herself and took on any kind of work to keep her family together. She wasn’t a snob and even stood in the welfare lines in the 1970′s when she couldn’t get child support, and was having trouble finding roles because she was in her early 40′s. She and her sister wrote a book together in the late 1970s that was soft-core porn, and Joan starred in the movie (“The Stud”). This brought her career back and she got the Dynasty role. No one ever did anything for her, she did it herself and did what she had to. She wasn’t a pampered no-talent lazy whining indulgent star of the current generation.

  • Mimi DaPrata says:

    Oh yes, I am another fan of wonderful Joan. What a delightful woman, a bitch to beat all bitches. Joan also inspired me in the 1980′s. I once caught my husband jerking off while oggling at a photograph of Joan and he admitted she turned him on more than anyone. For my 40th birthday party we had a ‘superheros’ them. I dressed as Miss Collins right down to rge stilettos, wig and Mores cigarettes. Met a gorgeous young guy and have continued to meet gorgeous young guys. Now my hubby, bless hos soul, jerks off looking at photos of me with my young studs.

    Bravo, Joan, you are still my idol!

  • Frank Costello says:

    Collins is nothing but a cheap bitch, strutting around on her high heels, puffing on expensive cigars and bedding guys young enough to be her grandchildren. With all her wigs and make-up and gawdy clothes the only thing she’s qualified for is to run a second rate brothel in Soho. I’m amazed she can still walk straight after all the time she has spent with them apart,

  • Mimi DaPrata says:

    How dare Frank Costellp write in such derogatory terms about Joan Collins. Frank, you are probably a short, fat, bald man who either can’t get it up or jerks off when he sees images of Joan Collins. Yes, Joan smokes expensive cigars and wears 5″ stilettos because she is a REAL woman. Frank, you don’t deserve to light one of Joan’s cigars or lick her stilettos, but if I had my way your mouth would become her Miss Collins’ ash tray. I’m sure Miss Collins would soon cuckold you and shrivel your meagre little brain.
    Adore her, she is a Goddess!

  • Pat says:

    Word Mimi.

    Anyone who doesn’t get the appeal of Joan Collins is likely the kind of person that Joan could seduce, use and chuck out with the rest of her garbage. Joan is an icon of assertiveness and determination. A feminist who has never given up her high heels, cosmetics, furs or jewelry. Joan appreciates a man who opens the door for her, after all, it means she walks through it before he does. Joan makes an entrance wherever she goes. She is the diva of divas. She takes no sh*t from nobody. I LOVE Joan Collins.

  • michelle says:

    An ode to some of the bitches above. Yes bitches. This lovely woman has been through the mill. Her daughter Katy Kass was nearly left for dead in a car accident. Joan spent months in a caravan in the hospital grounds tending to her sick kid. She has had disastrous marriages where she was the BREADWINNER! and bailed her husbands out, paying for an ex husbands funeral Ron Kass. That ponce Peter Holm also took a chunk of her fortune when she divorced him for infidelity, and he only ever sat on his arse. You go Joan your a true star who deserves some credit!

  • Lindy says:

    You dont find em like Joanie anymore. I would love to see what some of those nasty individuals look like above. Look like Joan Collins….? You wish!!!! Listen if your overweight with muffin tops, balding or adorned with tatoos and piercings thats your choice. Some of us prefer class, and dont bitch! Its crass. This woman is fantastic. Personally I dont favour her choice of politics, but one thing I will say she has always worked, never moaned and got on with the job in hand, She has reared her kids and not asked anyone for a penny, still working now, she is of good stock. Knock em dead babe!

  • johno says:

    How many of you above (the nasty ones) have homes in New York, Belgravia or the South of France. Not many I bet. Why dont you stop with the sniping and get out and get a job. This woman has worked all her life, still looks great, is self effacing and interesting. Why oh why is there an obsession with age and being with someone who is sixteen. Joan looks terrific is in great shape and with a man years younger than her. You lot get back to your ovaltine and slippers. GOODNIGHT!

  • MIRANDA says:

    I once saw Joan in the Star Tavern in Belgravia. Very beautiful with amazing skin, and had the nicest disposition of many a celebrity I have seen. Not at all affected she looked fabulous in white trouser suit, very well mannered, and could have passed easily for 30years younger than she is. I feel sorry for those nasty cows above. Get a life. If Joan is reading some of the above comments, she will be stifling giggles I bet. Mind she is too busy to be reading, this girl will be out grafting. Good on yer girl, I toast and salute you. There is a lot to be said for positive thought.

  • Frank Costello, I feel sorry for you. You must have been wronged in a previous life in a very bad way! God your a nasty piece of work arent you. Joan better hadn`t be within your vicinity with a blunt pair of scissors, she may give you bobbit! Joan is fabulous and unlikely to be phased about your S****y comments, you old bore! It amazes me how a man could make such derogatory remarks. Keep twinkling Joan, you will always be a star, whereas Mr Costello will only ever belong to YESTERDAY!

  • simone says:

    Lance, what a bitch you are.NASTY BOY! Get a life you loser and stop slagging off women!

  • Tina says:

    Ooh Frank and Lance, ever thought of Panto sweeties you would be fab as the older balding, ugly sisters, maybe you would both be typecast though. he he he he he he he. I love my little Joanie, shes only 5 foot six but diminutive and strong and a faberooney role model. She doesn`t take herself seriously and has an amusing sardonic side. We love her cos she is a great british icon with class, who exudes glamour and shows the younger ones how its done. You only have to look at Elizabeth Hurley who you could actually take for Joans daughter she is a carbon copy of her. And thats a compliment to both!

  • Frank Costello says:

    Cheap whores and bitches the lot of you – the same as the she-devil Joan Collins. Maggie & Fiona who went off with younger men and imitated Collins you disgust me. Jean you are the lowest of the low, you talk about cuckolding your husband with glee. I would burn you at the stake as a witch. Pat, Michelle, Lindy and Miranda you are all cheap sluts. And as for Tina women like you set the worst example to other young girls.
    I saw an interview with the the she-devil herself Joan Collins where she boasted that a young guy offered to leave his wife if he could just light her cigarette! She just laughed about it!
    Whores the lot of you!!

  • Pat says:

    OK Frank, you’ve got me, I’m a ‘cheap slut’ just like Joan Collins…how will I go on living? Oh I know, I’ll be fabulous, positive, stylish, funny, upbeat, smart and tough, just like the fabulous Joan Collins!

  • Caroline Costello says:

    I have just become aware that my ex-husband Frank has wriiten on this site. For the information of all he is a short, fat, bald little man. He became a pathetic little w….r.
    One of my favourite memories of him will be the night I made him like my pantella cigar ( like Joan’s) and then he licked my stilettos!
    I now have a much nicer, younger man!

  • salsamania says:

    whats the difference between joan collins and a kit kat?answer you only get 4 fingers in a kit kat.for the record joan collins is just a fucking conservatve cunt who lives abroad and contributes fuck all to britain,so all you stupid bits of scragg end done up as mutton get a fucking life!

  • Tut tut, sounds like you need a dictionary. Well I dont personally agree with Joans politics. I have always voted Labour and proud to do so. However your use of the C word is despicable about a woman you dont even know. As for Joan, she contributes quite a bit to Britain, as a UK taxpayer, and has always owned a home in Londons Belgravia. She, I believe is a fabulous ambassador for this country, and gives quite a lot of her time to numerous charities, she is also has an OBE for gods sake. Whereas you my dear are a vulgar,despicable and foul mouthed…… I dont know whether your male or female.

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