Justin Timberlake Gives “Details!”


Justin Timberlake spills the beans in Details magazine on how he feels about the tabloids! He says that tabs create soap opera’s out of there lives and edit the stories like MTV reality shows! He also says that he thought he had the talent to sing R&B, ah, nope! Should of asked me i could ah let ya know moons ago!

18 Responses to “Justin Timberlake Gives “Details!””

  • karly says:


  • STACY says:


  • Lance says:

    Stupid friggon name. Stupid looking dude.

  • nicole says:

    omg me and my next door nabor think that u are fine and all u bitch that r talking shit about him better watch your back u stupid cunts

  • Frankie says:

    He’s been seen everywhere with his new girl Corina Lang so how is he going to say he wants to be solo? I was in the the same restaurant while all the paparazzi was hounded them both and asking crazy questions!! I thikn the magazines or pr people just put that out there to market him as single so girls will drool!

  • Mindy says:

    How exactly does anyone know who Justin is dating????? Could they just be friends or is that impossible for people to believe?? She is a friend of Cameron and Justin so get your facts straight. How do I know?? Because I am a VIP hostess at one of the most popular venues in LA & know firsthand!!!

  • Chris says:

    They are JUST friends! She is a great friend to Justin & his ex Cam-GEEZ people get a life!!

    Did you see them kissing? or anything like that? I know you didn’t!! He’s a perfect gentleman and she would NOT date her friends. They hang out together just like normal people do quit judging!

    Yes PR people do let stories run wild for the hype of it all until its too much then they release a statement.

  • Holly says:

    JUSTIN GOES WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK HE DOESN’T BUT HE SURE IS SEXY!!!!!!

  • Still could be true and they are kissin’ at home! Corina seems to get around-stay with Justin and not Shemar!!!!

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  • Champane says:

    Already nicole them bithches can stop hatin and get on his muda fuckin level hey justin keep doing yo thang u can sing and your sexy Love you

  • emerald says:

    i love ur song justin they are all good songs and ur so hott i love u to with love from one of ur bigest fans <3

  • Jennifer says:

    yeeah your so hot =p hey justin call me;*;*;]

  • Jennifer says:


  • Brooke says:

    He is sexy and can sing r&b and who ever writes the articles on this site You can shut up your a stupid blogger who doesnt know anything so you can’t say if he can sing rnb or not get afucking life

  • zoey says:

    whatever hoe

  • ? says:

    shut up he is not that sexy or hot

  • Jenny020 says:

    nice look justin :D

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