Devon Aoki In Sin City 2!


Devon Aoki looks like an alien from the close encounters movie at Barney Of New York In Beverly Hills!

Credit:David Aguilera

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  • Anonymous says:

    that girl has legs up to her neck

  • Kevin says:

    Hi: Baby girl Devon Aoki Kevin here you are really sexy!!! Here’s a picture of you at a shopping mall in Beverly hill, California I think. I was there two years ago, not where you were but, at a hillside estates section in Califonia. alot of California is very nice, I have family members there. Devon I like those jeans that you’re wearing really attractive. E-mail me back if you receive any of my messages.
    I’m sorry that DOA turned out to be a very low-budget film it failed in comparison to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I have a modeling picture of you on my desktop I really like you you are too cute for words Devi.!!!!
    see you later sweetie Kasumi!!! Kevin
    I can’t wait to see you in DOA hopefully between April and June 22 this year, Mutant Chronicles and Rogue other two movies that I want to see. I really want you to play Chun-Li in the new Street Fighter movie next year, Kelly Hu is another choice but, she doesn’t have Chun-Li’s fighting style.
    Devon are you a big fan of Street Fighter I am Chun-Li has many friends a few being Ken, Ryu, Guile and Cammy. A person that she’s nknown since childhood is Feilong a Bruce Lee martial artist who is a professional actor and martial arts instructor like Ryu, and Ken. Others are Gouken Ryu’s adopted father and teacher and Gouken’s murderous brother Akuma a warrior who became perfect through unleashing the darkside of Shotokan Karate. Feilong is the object of Chun-Li’s affections I think they will marry one day. A girl who is crazy in love with Ryu is Sakura she is very smart and cute and is Ryu’s teacher. Sakura is grown-up and is not seventeen like her story records her to be.
    Bye Bye!!! Devon I really like you alot Kiss Kiss Say hi to you’re family and my man Kane Kosugi for me/Ryu Hayabusa DOA!!!

  • upul says:

    sex photos

  • Justin says:


    Not too much to puke about here…
    Devon looked absolutely gorgeous in DOA…

    just like a real Asia Princess.


    The Devon Aoki Appreciation Society

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  • Devon is HOT!!! And LOVE Sin City!

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