Sons Of Hollywood, O’ My, I Think I Just Barfed!


The A&E channel has officially run out of good ideas! First episode, get up at noon, shop on Rodeo Dr., have lunch at Fred Segal, shop at Barney of New York, have dinner at The Ivy Restaurant, sleep till midnight then get up and go to Hyde night club…duh! What’s episode two, dinner at Mr. Chows! You guys better be funny!!!!!

4 Responses to “Sons Of Hollywood, O’ My, I Think I Just Barfed!”

  • Shara says:

    Can’t be much worse than all the stupid shows full of the “Daughters of Hollywood.”
    Please, all of us women have had to put up with watching these irritating twits forever, at least we get a bit of stupid eye candy this time.

  • sandra says:

    I totally agree!

    You’re funny—when do I get to kidnap you?

  • Kaye Hamilton says:

    What is wrong with you? This show looks adorable. Why don’t you give it a chance? It looks a heck of a lot more interesting than a lot of shows on t.v.

  • buddy says:

    this f/king show f/king sucks. I hate dave the worst. Umm, can someone say Ari Gold WANNABE!!!!! FAGS

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