Victoria Beckham’s New Hair Dew And House Hunting!


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Victoria Beckham spent tuesday running around Beverly Hills with her new hair dew checking out homes for her big move with hubby David Beckham to Hollywood! Click on the thumbnail pics to view some of the homes Victoria viewed as prospects!

Credit: David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews

30 Responses to “Victoria Beckham’s New Hair Dew And House Hunting!”

  • Anonymous says:

    it looks really tupid shes getting old so she should start acting like it not going round like a 21 yr old .grow up !!!!!!!

  • megan says:


  • that’s hottttt

  • she should have had her hair like that in her Spice Girls days

  • kelli says:

    victoria is so ugly and has a disgrace full nose!but on the other hand beckham is so fit n sxc god know why he married her probly the poor boi got forced any way we only luv beckham not victoria.

  • jade says:

    victoria is a bitch!

  • cloe says:

    victoria grow up and stop acting like a slag i feel sorry for brooklyn romeo and cruz poor them seeing your face every morning its a nightmare

  • Courtney says:

    that is the cutest hair style I am getting mine cut just like that. She is acting her age and she looks damn good and has a lot of money. I bet shes skinnier than your fat ass and your just jealous you cant pull off that hairstyle.

  • Sam says:

    um excuse me but victoria is beautiful. cloe, jade & kelli … you are obviously jealous of her wealth & beauty. GET OVER IT BITCHES

  • grace says:

    That hair style suits her she looks amazing!! she looks realy good for her age! shes propper stunnin!*

  • liz says:

    her hairstyle is amazing, she can do whatever she wants she’s got the money, so dont be hatin, whats a haircut anyways? Dont look at her for her hair but for her heart she is a good mom and wife! So let her be beautiful and have that kick ass bob.

  • Pukeitup says:

    She’s not ugly! She just needs some more meat on her bones. She was really HOT back in the spicegirls days!

  • emilie says:

    i totally love her hair!!!!

  • Bj says:

    Stop stop stop

    She is so beautiful, wow, sexy,cool, and she is just amazing :P so stop being so cruel, your are just like that coz you want to have all the things that she has.

  • jo-bob says:


  • xxxcharlixxx says:

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! “omg! i love her, she’s sxc, she’s beautiful!”…. ur all arguing over nuthin! some of u love her- some of u dnt (personally i love her + her hair! lol) but 4 god sake! maybe she should grow up and maybe so shud some of u!

  • anonymous says:

    she’s beautiful, so FUCK all you hating bitchess!!

  • coco says:

    All you girls that left bad comments lets be real your hating on her because shes beautiful, sexy, skinny and ofcourse is married to David Beckham.

  • Amber says:

    I think that Victoria Beckham is AMAZING!! She has 3 kids, and a CRAZY schedual, she is always in the public eye and she happens to look HOT all the time!! There’s a reason that she is hailed as a major fashion icon, and so many ppl reform to dressing like her, and her lable has made it so big, and the reason is that she is just plain FABULOUS, and anyone that says otherwise is just jealous!!! There’s a reason that she’s where she is (in the spotlight and married to David Beckham) and all you other jealous woman are NOT!! Take some of her advice…….

  • Knarik says:

    frikan awesome hair.

  • Crystal says:

    I love Victoria Beckham hair. I just cut my hair on Saturday just like her. I cut 8 inches of my hair off. I love it…. So glad I got my hair cut like her. She started a fashion trend. Go Victoria keep up with the cutest hair cuts.

  • Autumnk says:

    I dont know why some of you have to be so cruel to her. she is beautifurll and I cannot wait to get my hair cut like hers….I dont usually follow trends but I love her hair. There is no words to describe Victoria Beckham’s beauty…and she knows what kind of hair or clothes is going to be hot….thats why some of you are hating on her.

  • Katey says:

    what a pure slut

  • andrewfromlancs says:

    why carnt you all grow up shes well fit ill love to take her off beckhems back ill would show her a real man but without the money leave my lady alone

  • lee lee:) says:

    I love the hair to
    Its really young and funky

  • cyn says:

    Who cares what her hair looks like. All I care about is that sexy man she wakes up to every morning lucky thing…..She is cute she could stand to gain a few pounds and I kinda like her hair but not on me

  • steph says:

    im with Amber^^

    it is true all the other people that say she is ugly and shit should just get a life she is a fucking human been that has achieved alot and you probaly havnt so get over your selfs and stop being JEALOUS… i think she is a pretty girl she has had some surgury becuase she probably doesnt like what she sees in the mirror.

    it would be hard tryin to look good everytime you go out even to just go to the shop to get a couple of things i would like to see all of you that say she is a ugly dog and shit look good in everything that you do. it would be fucking hard so why dont you just shut your fucking mouths and stop calling rich famous people names when you are worst then them.

  • jessica says:

    i think she always looks beautiful. and fuck all u jelous haters she’s hot

  • ria says:

    im gettin my hair cut tommorrow.

  • Dannielle says:

    Sounds like alot of you are 15 years old and need to grow up! She is beautiful and sucessful and smart. She has 3 lovely boys! If this was you how would u feel hearing people say “your a stick….ur ugly ur blah blah” Just shut your mouths! If you have nothing nice to say!

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