WhiteStarr Rock Stars Cisco Adler And His Band Mates Tear Up Hollywood!




Rock Star Cisco Adler and his band mates went wild on Robertson blvd. in Hollywood yesterday tearing through Kitson and dodging the directors of The Hills who were filming on the same street trying to get the scoop on WhiteStarr! Watch the band rock out at Rock The Rabbit on February 14, 2007.

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/Splashnews/

2 Responses to “WhiteStarr Rock Stars Cisco Adler And His Band Mates Tear Up Hollywood!”

  • Jennifer the Punk/musician says:

    My favorite member of Whitestarr is Orbi!!! Also i think it is sooooo coool that his dad was Roy Orbison!!

  • Siva says:

    Very cool! I love that about.me puts everybody on the same plyiang field. It doesn’t matter if your a musician, artist, doctor, plumber, web designer, model, or even a school mascot everyone can tell the world about themselves in a cool creative way all on the same website: about.me.

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