Hayden Panettiere And Kristin Cavalieri Shop At Surly Girl!




Hayden Panettiere and Kristin Cavalieri shopped together at Surly Girl Yesterday!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

25 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere And Kristin Cavalieri Shop At Surly Girl!”

  • ttoille says:

    i would not hang out with hayden if she was gone out with my ex ..thats so not laguna style

  • Ashley says:

    i hate hayden

  • sarah says:

    you guys suck, hayden and kristin are the shitt.

  • lauren says:

    i think hayden is a real bitch.
    i wonder why kristin is hanging with her?!?!?

  • amygirl says:

    i think that they didnt now that they each were going to be there and hayden is not a bitch get a life i think that you guys should not say somehting so mean u dont even now the girl

  • Amber says:

    Are you kidding? Queen Biatch is Kristin’s real name. Hayden seems like a much more grounded and genuine person.

  • vanna says:

    umm by the way…. hayden is absolutly amazing. soo NEWS FLASH, Ashely, Lauren, etc, she doesnt need your hate shit. honestly…get a life. Just because she’s in the spotlight doesnt mean shes any better than you, she still is learning from her mistakes, shes ony 17. give the girl a break.
    and i know fer sure, that she is a super sweet heart. so grow up.

  • Riley says:

    i think hayden is a real nice girl, i hung out with her once. she is not as bad as she seen..give her a break! she is tryin to be a normal girl but u bitches are in the way!

  • Elisha says:

    Kristin’s gotta be jealous about Hayden and Stephen!

  • Miinela says:

    umm.. kRiStiN wUdNt b jaLouS of haYdeN cOz she cud’ve had StepHeN whEn eVa she wnted

    dey bOf reaLLy pRetty lOl

  • kassi says:

    Riley did you really hang out wit her?! that iz awsome.im jelouse.

    and y’all need to shut up you dont know hayden or kristin they are normal people jist like you and me so dont go nokin on em if you dont even no them….you dont got people followin you around all day critisizin you and not lettin you have a normal life so if you dont know someone and you are judging them by what you see in what? movies t.v? there actresses ya ever think that that may be what they are being payed to do? but for those of u who dont diss on them….Props…..your the people who they may just wanna meet……

  • riley says:

    Kassi i did hang out with her… all of u need a life and stop sayin bad things bout ppl u have no fuckin clue who they r!!

  • briannna says:

    you guys are really pitiful she’s a good person. and in bring it on all or nothing she played her part so all you need to shut up!!

  • Marta says:

    k wtf??? ……….since when and WHY are these two freinds??

    Kristen is prolly trying to get info bout her X she wants bak! HA! skat

  • abigaile says:

    omg when r they friends kristin is the prettiest person on earth!!!

  • catie says:

    i love you so much!
    you inspire me.
    your so gorgeous.

  • cyn says:

    OH my god i like so feel like I’m still in highschool reading all this crap fer sur

  • Anonymous says:

    boring boring boring.

  • frana says:

    kristin who?

  • agustina says:

    i love you kristin!!!!!!!!!!! idolllllllllllllllllll

    te sigo desde uruguay desde el promer capitulo de laguna beach!!!!!!

  • love10 says:

    well Hayden Rocks

  • Ginger Leilani says:

    I love Hayden so much for everything she does for the environment and for the innocent animals whose lives depend on all of us speaking up for them. She is my favorite.

  • BlondBrunette says:

    whoever is saying that Hayden is a real bitch is wayy wrong. take a look at all the wonderful movies shes been in and all that she has achived. shes everything but a ‘BITCH”. you say all these things and assume stuff, but your not them! you dont know what really happened!

  • nicole says:

    All of you guys are so stupid Hayden is going for Obama and for you other people who are also going for him he won’t realease his college records and some guy is sueing him because he says that he isn’t a citzen of the United States I hate Obama very much and Hayden becasue she is going for him wake up people Obama is MUSLIM NOT AMERICAN and any famous person is a total asshole there rich and don’t care about you and Hayden saving the whales omg that is so for attention I hate famous people and Obama help the United States and vote for McCain please he is from the United States and by teh way you people who are against the war your dumb we need the troops in Iraq because they they weren’t we would be dead the Muslims would come over here and kill us you know they have a bomb to blow up half of the United States WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashtyn says:

    NEWS FLASH. Kristin and Stephen broke up when they were in HIGH SCHOOL…that was like 4 years ago. obviously they moved on, people still obsessed with the idea of them as a couple should too. who cares if they girls hang out, after 4 years im pretty sure Kristin is beyond over him. and FYI, he can be a real jack ass. ive known him long enough to know that

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