Michelle Rodriguez Doesn’t Like Menthol Cigarettes!




Michelle Rodriguez asked a photog if he had an extra cigarette yesterday and she screamed MENTHOLS! When she saw the girly cigarettes being offered, Michelle left with no smokes to her disappointment.

Credit/David Aguilera

3 Responses to “Michelle Rodriguez Doesn’t Like Menthol Cigarettes!”

  • Lady Ann says:

    Give the lady a real #@!$&* cigarette!! ( Michelle, please try to cut down though – I’d enjoy for u ta stick around a little longer cuz I’m a fan & u kick ass!!! many people would definately agree.

  • Yeah,I really agree with you and I love it…

  • Lewis says:

    Yeah I thought I saw her with a pack of marlboro reds in another picture. I think thats pretty damn cool in a strange way. Only the good cigs for Michelle. Much love and you rock.


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