Craig T. Nelson: Coach, Poltergeist, Silkwood, If You Loved The 1980′s



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Craig T. Nelson had a laugh with the Pukemeister today. He thought it was funny that we recognized him! Craig spent the day with some friends in Malibu California.

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3 Responses to “Craig T. Nelson: Coach, Poltergeist, Silkwood, If You Loved The 1980′s”

  • [...] Craig T Nelson is baaaaaccccckkkkkk Filed under: 80s Celebrity Puke  Why do these has-been balding actors feel the need to grow their hair out? It makes them look creepy. I mean that picture scared me when I first saw it. Craig T Nelson needs to get a haircut and live on residuals.  [...]

  • mashra says:

    I love this guy! I watched him in All the righ moves…oh that underwear scene! I get orgasmic whenever I see that scene! ohhhhh ohhhh ohhh ahhh

  • aj says:

    totally agree craig t still rocks my boat too, only some one who is jealous would say mean things re CT,s hair ect, he still rocks . He,s still COACH an THE CHIEF… lol

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