Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, And Victoria Beckham All Fit In The Same Damn Car! Cuz The Other One Broke Down!





It seems like the A-list don’t like to share there space with anyone but A-listers! If you could smell the different self named brands of perfume in that car! Well I’d Puke!

Credit/David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

27 Responses to “Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, And Victoria Beckham All Fit In The Same Damn Car! Cuz The Other One Broke Down!”

  • [...] Remember at the circus when they tried to fit all those clowns into a small car… Filed under: Uncategorized, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri, J-Lo, The Beckhams Celebrity Puke  Well that is what came to my mind when I saw these pictures of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Posh Spice, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony all in the same car? And we all know who wears the pants in this quintet…J-Lo.  Damn you LA Galaxy because this what we know have to look forward to from now on.  [...]

  • Anne says:

    That is so hilarious, I can’t stop laughing. Having said that, I like Tom and all his friends are starting to grow on me.

  • Kalista Brat says:

    Sweet! If only Beckhams was in there it would have been sexier! Man his wife is so grgeous! I hope she has another baby and this time it wilol be a girl. That will be one sexy little posh baby!

  • crazy says:

    Is Tom sitting on Katie’s lap? That is a hilarious picture.

  • zawngkhoro says:

    u knw y JLo in the front seat??? well , coz if she’s in the back seat , 2 ppl wud hv go in the front seat…uknowanamean ???

  • Peter says:

    J.Lo IS A DIVA to the maximum degree…no diva sits in the back all crammed up! That dress is expensive
    I love me some Jennifer Lopez…she is the best in the business BY FARRRRRRR! Look how gorgeous she is!

  • Peter says:


  • Ida says:

    Iam still laughing after seeing this. That is vintage Jlo for you, if there was anyone to sit at the front trust her. I love this!

  • kareno says:

    hahahahahahaha jlo has to sit in the front cuz of her butttt

  • chick says:

    oh, my
    jlo’s hand over her face
    looks like Tom farted
    he’s been bloated lately

  • chick says:

    oops posh’s hand

  • Carol_brazil says:


    They really look like they are enjoying themselves! HILARIOUSSS!

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  • Unique says:

    oh hell naw HILARIOUS

  • Suzanne says:

    Wish they would have driven that car all the way to Siberia and disappeared. Hmmmf. Booooring, blah blah blah.

  • ttoille says:

    hmm shes a robot

  • jen says:

    miss piggy has arrived!! oink oink….kermet where are you…

  • wow i bet this picture was sold expensively look at all the A-listers!

  • myothercar says:

    The angle of pic #2 made me think wait who’s Posh spice kissing

  • myothercar says:

    It looks like I meant to say pic #3

  • "M" says:

    all together……thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel says:

    David and Victoria Beckham are the best!

  • lizanne says:

    that’s cool!!!! grabeh!!!! i can’t believe this!!!

  • WOW says:


  • Betsy says:

    What a bunch of ” I think I’m God” in that car, old J LOW, tom cruise and katie i can’t stand them. Beckhams are all a bunch of rich “please look at me” Driver Siberia with the lot of them.

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  • Betty says:

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