Hugh Grant Is Waiting For You To Pick Him Up! Hurry, And Don’t Forget To Bring A Comb!!




Hugh Grant was hanging out with his lady in Hollywood yesterday and just couldn’t find his limo driver! He sure looked pissed when the driver finally showed up!

Credit/David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/Splashnews

6 Responses to “Hugh Grant Is Waiting For You To Pick Him Up! Hurry, And Don’t Forget To Bring A Comb!!”

  • mashra says:

    i’d still do him. =) I looovveeeeee him!

  • vera german says:

    yessss, me too:D I love Hugh,that’s it

  • nikolina says:

    count me in yes….

  • Briana says:

    I just Love Hugh Grant…And I’m sure that all the girls (and maybe some boys too) in the world just love him so much! How can you resist him?? He’s so Hot!
    I just wish I can someday meet him for real..I’d probably have to go live in London to see him but it’s okay..I’m sure it’s all worth it…p.s. I find that his last movie he played in (Music and Lyrics) was just Fantastic and Great!! It was a really funny movie.. I just love romantic Comedies with him in them.. And I find that Jemima Khan is REALLY, REALLY LUCKY to have HIM as a boyfriend! Wouldn’t you guys want him as your boyfriend? (Even though he’s probably 3 times your age…:):):)

  • Briana says:

    His Hair is so Sexy..What are you guys talking about? He doesn’t need a comb!
    Probably a new pair of shoes but who cares about the comb???

  • Betsy says:

    This Hugh Grant is one ungrateful bastard. He should remember if it wasn’t for fans he be working in a bank somewhere. Maybe

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