Nicollette Sheridan Was Desperate For Make Up!




You’re Puke’alicious! Of course you figured it out you’re a Puke’ster and everyone knows it! Ok, now go makes some cookies or something it’s the weekend for goodness sake!

Credit/David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/ Splashnews

4 Responses to “Nicollette Sheridan Was Desperate For Make Up!”

  • tootie Mctootsterq says:

    Is she wearing some type of nylon or panty house? Her feet look dead. WTF?

  • Jan J says:

    Yikes, her boobies are really heading south.

  • Lane says:

    It’s time for another boob job. But we can’t judge her for that!!! Im guilty of the same thing!!!

  • Sondra Milovich says:

    I think she looks great even w/o make up. How many of her
    critics can look in the mirror and say they look better than Nicollette Sheridan does w/o make up? I’m tired of hearing from “your average women” who’s probably overweight and has let herself go. Let’s publish your pictures as well as your remarks next time.

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