Louie Anderson, Dang That’s A Little Phone!



Louie Anderson took a stroll in Beverly Hills! The funny man has been making us laugh for years! keep up the good work Louie!!


9 Responses to “Louie Anderson, Dang That’s A Little Phone!”

  • Teresa says:

    Why do you have to go there? Gossip is one thing. Mean is just mean.

  • Whosaidwhat says:

    LOUIE, LOUIE, LOUIE. STOP eating before you DIE!!!!

  • Ednonymous says:

    Nothing bad to say other than “Please lose some weight!”.
    Donate some to the Olsen twins… anything!
    The world would be a worse place without Louie.

  • Diane C. says:

    When you see some one in pain, why make it worse? He is a man with the same feelings as the rest of us. Who are you to make light of a very kind man? Do you even know him? I DO and it causes him more pain when you be little him. Please, take a minute and realize he hurts just as you would, if some gossip, was being said about you.
    If your really comcerned, than don’t you pray fpr him. This is from some one that walks the same path, as Louie, and understands how life is for us.

  • garret says:

    Leave the man alone, he has enough on his mind. No one human should have this gossip going on, So let me add, Louie is very funny, and a decent man, go away, and let him have a private life, just like the rest of us.

  • Ashley says:

    Damn you need Jenny Creig like NOW!

  • alex says:

    well louie is my uncle and hes more sucsessfull than any of you people that leave rude coments because you have too much pain in your own lives the only differences he can turn pain and life into funny jokes maybe you should rent mom louies looking at me again on DVD and then leave your rude comments in your head. grow up people

  • Jeanne says:

    This is a nice man and a great entertainer. His show is the cleanest show in Vegas. The above entries are mean spirited and cruel. If you people who make these mean comments don’t have trouble sleeping at night, you should.

  • Hold off, when you are nasty to Louie, your being nasty to somone I love. Be kind or shut up!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t we jusy look a his soul,heart,and , and if you want to be really caring look up his foundation H E R O , helps people who are homeless, and it could be any one od us, in this day, we live in, think about it, write them a check.
    Diannia P

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