December 8, 2007


Anna Nicole’s Back! (Celebritysmack)

Britney Spears speaks! (Socialite’s Life)

Drunk Mariah Carey (Celebitchy)

Ashlee Simpsons booby (Cityrag)

Marilyn Manson gets dumped! (Poponthepop)

Busted Tats! (Dlisted)

Jessica Biel’s Yankee (Mollygood)

Courtney-Thorne Smith Wed’s (Glitterati Gossip)

Hilary Duff still wants Madden (IntoGossip)

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  • Some-1-U-Know says:

    Lindsey is going to die plain and simple…its pretty sad no one really cares for the life of 1 person…i would be ashamed of myself if I were her Mom or Dad…great parenting you two…are you that much in denial of your daughters problems….She looks like shit!..her face is very gaunt and puffy…my guess is its not her appendix at all,but maybe its something to do w/her liver!…Its a sad day when it “might” take the death of someone,(lindsey,nicole ritichie,britney,ect…)to awaken you very dense people(parents,friends,maagers,ect…)you all are very pathetic!

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