BASIC INSANITY! Sharon Stone Loves Her Puke Pink Scarf And Sweat Pants!





Sharon Stone enjoyed a late lunch at LaScala Restaurant with friends yesterday. Sharon was having a great time, although she may have had that pink scarf on too tight around her neck. I mean ragged sweat pants, converse basketball shoes, and pink scarf’s went out of style years ago!

Credit/David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

6 Responses to “BASIC INSANITY! Sharon Stone Loves Her Puke Pink Scarf And Sweat Pants!”

  • Homer J says:

    C(+) list dude. What was the last movie she was in that did not lose money? She is Box Office Poision.

  • Some-1-U-Know says:

    Looney wackjob!

  • sarah says:

    The Chuck Taylors are still in, my friend.

  • lover says:

    Sharon Stone is an amazing actress and she is extraordinarily beautiful. I believe she has the most amazing voice and talent to play roles as they should be played.. she is still prettier than all of you when she wears that. and p.s. do none of you ever go out in sweats and so… oh i forgot you all dress up all the time right?

  • Tom Dickenson says:

    I have been a fan of Sharon Stone forever. She is the most drop dead gorgeous woman in the entire world….and she has talent to burn. Her heart stopping beauty is so natural. The movie industry really knew what they were doing when they found her. I will go to see every movie she ever makes.

  • Ala says:

    I’m from Lithuania I’m fan of Miss Sharon Stone she is the best actress in the world and she has talent of the actress which are amazing and she is beautiful, I think Miss Sharon Stone like a person is very polite, good-natured and I want to see her very much. I could write and write about her.

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