American Idol’s Katharine Mcphee Lost Her Lip Stick. Found It On A Float!





Check out Katherine Mcphee before the New Year without makeup, but I have to say that she definitely cleans up well! She looked great after some rest for the Rose Parade in Pasadena New Years day. Related

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28 Responses to “American Idol’s Katharine Mcphee Lost Her Lip Stick. Found It On A Float!”

  • omfg says:

    You butthead, she just had her wisdom teeth removed and she was still swollen from it.

    I hope you find a life someday.

  • carla says:

    i didnt even think she was ugly without her makeup and i didnt even notice that her face was swollen?????

  • keefir1 says:

    Now how great would you look after having oral surgery…all 4 wisdom teeth extracted???Give poor Kat a break!!The parade pic was more than a week post op,so of course she’s looking and feeling better!Go back under your rock!!

  • Gerri says:

    she still looks pretty even without make-up on.. she’s got some nice skin. and at least her lips are quite pinky unlike smoking stars with dark brown lips. EWW!

  • Some-1-U-Know says:

    see how different and sometimes ugly these stupid girls everyone loses their minds over look w/out their war paint?…I don’t think she looks bad w/out war paint,but their are all those others…what I find is that alot of girls from texas look hot w/out make-up…I think it has to do w/growing up in all that humidity!

  • Jo Mama says:

    She’s prettier than most girls even with a fat lip.

  • TJ says:

    Yeah, she had her wisdom teeth taken out– notice the swollen face.

    I’d be happy to show you pictures of her without makeup and her still looking beautiful. You should probably get your facts straight before posting this classless mess.

  • Pheenomenon says:

    Katharine is beautiful without makeup, check out these pictures from the weekend:

  • jen says:

    Give the girl a break..she just got her wisdom teeth removed and hence the swollen face. She still looks very beautiful. Get your facts straight before pissing away what little credibility you had in the first place

  • lia says:

    Yeah, Kathrine Mcphee is weird. I am wanting for her to turn into the next Linsay Lohan, cause we all know she is going to end up like a slut onee day. She sure looks like one.

  • Caro says:

    c’mon she has the swollen face—she looks beautiful without make up!!, she has a natural beauty not like the other famous girls

  • Reno says:

    UGLY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandra says:

    easy on her . i mean eaven actors are human .she can not be always preaty.

  • Fan says:

    I think she’s still looking pretty

  • jeremy says:

    damn people give her a break will ya i didnt even notice her lips shes looks sexy even without all the makeup on people dont like a celebrity just cause of their looks at least i dont

  • Jessica says:

    give her a break i mean she probibly looks pretter then the people how saying that kathren looks ugly without makeup and plus she in prettey with and without makeup so u people shut up casue she looks pretty.

  • ahmed says:

    i like you i whish that i hav the chanse to love you!

  • Anonymous Girl says:

    Dude, leave her alone. We all know she’s not ugly

  • Elisha says:

    She’s still hot!

  • blahh says:

    She is beautiful! She doesn’t even look that bad anyways!
    And everyone should just leave her the F*** alone!!
    I love her and ALWAYS will if she is ugly [not that she is, she is georgeous] or the most beautiful lady on the face of the earth!!

  • Amanda says:

    She actually looks very pretty.

  • Oscar says:

    Are you nuts? She’s still hot!

  • Lily says:

    She doesn’t look like herself at all.

  • lisa says:

    she has an amazin voice n shess sos preetty but i wonder wat her hieght is

  • yustin says:

    i like her voice N her song “over it”

  • J-Dawg says:

    I’d still fuck her.

  • cyn says:

    she looks great without makeup. Very pretty and not all caked up. Us women should be prouder about going out without makeup.And J-dawg bad thing for you, is that she wouldn’t fuck you. And just ready these post, most of you must be about 13 or so.

  • Tiffany RJ says:

    Leave her alone. She’s my idol and I still have the Mcpheever. Represent, ya’ll


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