Nicky Hilton And David Katzenberg Are Still Together!


celebritypukecom-nicky2q.jpg caught Nicky Hilton and David Katzenberg having a late lunch in Beverly Hills yesterday. The two love birds were very happy to be seen together!

Credit/David Aguilera

5 Responses to “Nicky Hilton And David Katzenberg Are Still Together!”

  • Laura says:

    i never saw such disgusting pukish ppl in all my life…… ewwwwewwwwww gross!! i am sickened to the max with this!!!! i must get my double gallon puke bag for this one!!!! i hate these 2 !!! they are freaks. david katzenberg is the ugliest, hairiest, beast, in the wrld!!!!! the midget is like a hairy scouring pad walking the earth. he disgusts me and grosses me out!!! it figures he would go with snicky. she is sooooooooo ugly and fat. have you seen her bum? what does she carry down there? she is soooooo ugly!! i guess these 2 fuggly ppl deserve one another.

  • Laura says:

    oh yaeh, choke on your dinner!!!!!!!!

  • Evan says:

    They look mortified to have photogs zooming in…

  • gizzy says:

    fuck u laura u hatin fuck u lesbian ugly fat bitch
    ur mad cuz u will never get attention

  • Ha, funny. Anyways, Nikki hates the paparazzi!

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