Carrie Fisher Does Not Look Like Sally Jessy Raphael!



Veteran actress Carrie Fisher aka “Princess Leia” from Star Wars, went Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills today. The princess brought along a drink because it gets hot in Tattooine this time of year. May The Force do her some justice!

Credit:David Aguilera/London Entertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

32 Responses to “Carrie Fisher Does Not Look Like Sally Jessy Raphael!”

  • Cheeky Monkey says:

    OMG – I thought it was Sally Jessy Raphael at first!

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  • kat says:

    What happened to Princess Leia?! She is chunky now…

  • david says:

    i swear to god, i thought that was sally jessie raphael

  • Tarawa1943 says:

    You can’t look in your early 20′s for 30 years…as time passes we all follow the “grey brick road” to AARP.

  • Lance says:

    Princess Sag A Lot

  • Captain Ha'nnae says:

    Oh come on people…Carrie Fisher is 50 now, not 22. She has been through a lot of problems…not everyone can look like they are 30 when they aren’t. I think she is beautiful the way she is, inside and out and I am glad that she isn’t messing herself up with tons of plastic surgery just to stay looking young. Furthermore, of course she gained a bit of weight…as women get older they do get slightly wider hips and menopause causes metabolism to slow…it is a fact of life. I was always a size 3 but now that I am getting a little older, I might have to start wearing a five…Carrie had to lose a few pounds to begin with for SW, so she wasn’t a 3…give the woman a break.

    Get over it. Why don’t you concentrate on her superb acting rather than how many pounds she’s gained over the last 28 years.

  • Modernkayaker says:

    Princess Leia where have you gone ? LMFWAO:) Don’t let the Star Wars nerds see this, FACT…

  • Kat Von D says:

    Kat Von D…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

  • Glockenspeal says:

    She doesn’t care what she looks like. Too much fame, no privacy, had a bad mom. Or is it just pretentious cause she can’t get anymore gigs?

  • Red Ruffinsore says:

    Was once one of the most famous people in the world. To me she will always be Princess Leia.

  • wazzup721 says:

    I love her! The older she gets, the funnier she has become. She has an extremely intelligent and quirky wit. I think she has become more interesting with age. Loved her show Conversations with Carrie. She also has had to live with the memory of one of the worst hairdos in cinema history. She can look any way she wants.

  • John Belushi says:

    Please remember everyone that we will all continue to age……and our youthful slim figures, and captivating good lucks will be only a fainting memory or tucked away photograph someday. Carrie still looks beautiful, and I think we all need to realize that what is really important is that Carrie is enjoying her life and is happy. Who cares about the way somneone looks… about who they are inside!!

  • Ubermann says:

    This is not Carrie Fisher….Look at images from recent public appearances…

    This is not her.

  • J says:

    Holy crap. If she wore the gold bikini now, even Jabba would puke.

  • Answer to J says:

    J…I guess the same way Jabba would puke after seeing your Mother!

  • Nan says:


  • Saw your show on TV last night and thought it was the best program for the year. Enjoyed you and your family history and remembered those good old days. Thank you for a fine evening in this dumb old world.

  • bambi anderson says:

    Ditto BG’s comment on the one woman show!! Utterly superb,surgically sharp wit, comic tour de force!! I am moved by the shear stength it must take to “relive” (albeit with humor) this wild life story every night in front of an audience!! Bravo Carrie Fisher!

  • The amount of disrepect here is staggering…

    All the nasty comments on here are obviously coming from the younger UNEDUCATED people and the few older ones who NEVER made anything of themselves. It’s so easy to criticize others on the internet. You are SO BRAVE aren’t you. Well put your money where your mouth is and let’s see what you are made of. People, we will ALL get older, YOU will all get older and it’s a hard thing to deal with as we age, so be kind. Carrie like the rest of us, has feelings and a life. I respect her tremendously and her fabulous work, humor and personality. So have some respect.

    “And you call yourselves human”…

  • Stephen says:

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  • Heather says:

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