Rachel Hunter Takes Her Son Liam Grocery Shopping




Rachel Hunter took son Liam to Pavillions in West Hollywood on December 11, 2006. Liam helped Rachel pick up her flowers after they fell out of her basket. Rachel also bought Liam some cinnamon rolls for his good behavior.

Credit:David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/SplashnewsÂÂ

4 Responses to “Rachel Hunter Takes Her Son Liam Grocery Shopping”

  • holly says:

    wtf is rachel wereing looks like something my nan would were! Haha!

  • lil bird says:

    i wonder if the celebritys come on this website and read what the world thinks of them that woukd bekinda mean if some one said that they look like there nan so you know people please dont say anything else about the celebritys thank you goodbye

  • Sunshine on Leith says:

    I think Rachel Hunter is absolutely gorgeous. No make-up, messy hair and look at her — still a stunner.

  • unknown says:

    i think you should put more pictures of her on here

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