Whitney Port From Laguna Beach’s-The Hills





Whitney Port is Lauren’s friend and fellow intern at Teen Vogue. She always lends an ear to Lauren when she needs it and has proven to be a trustworthy friend. WHATEVER!!!

Credit:David Aguilera

26 Responses to “Whitney Port From Laguna Beach’s-The Hills”

  • Anonymous says:

    I think she should take over the hills. LC is just to boring.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree. Whitney is so pretty and her mom is so hot.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man she is hot

  • Adam says:

    I love Whitney!!! She has such a nice personality. She seems like an all around good person.

  • iluvny says:

    I love Whitney! She needs to be the star. LC and her sheepish personality. Whitney seems like she’s a great intern.

  • anonymous says:

    I used to love Whitney, but this spring break she was staying at my resort in Costa Rica with all her friends, and they were sooo boring. I saw them at all the clubs every night and they didnt talk to a single person except for themselves. But she did dress really nicely

  • Anonymous says:

    Tell us more about Costa Rica. Were they snobbish or just enjoying themselves. Were there any guys with them? Weren’t they drinking?

  • THOMAS CRUZ says:


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  • Payne says:

    black and brown never go together. In any fashion situation/sense.

  • Payne says:

    And she works for Vogue?? Oh wait, it’s Teen. They don’t know any better.

  • Farhaad says:

    Damn, Whitney is so fly. I love her. That’s the kind of girl I would ‘penetrate,’ not ‘fuck in the ass.’

  • Tony Yayo says:


    talk of new york.

  • ALEIS says:


  • mang says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Her boobs aren’t big enough, She looks like a man

  • catie says:

    i think you all are stupid.
    i think whitney is beautiful.
    and u all need to back off.
    you dont know who your dealing with.
    she could kick your ass anyday
    she doesnt deserve this
    she deserves better.
    daily puke?
    get a life people
    the only thing you need is a life
    trust me and you dont even want to do there
    i will fkn tell you off.
    thats right.
    i may be young but i can kick your ASS.
    stop being jerks.
    and get a life.
    the only reason why your doing this is because u wish you were them
    so stop living dreamland
    and face reality.
    cause u definetly dont have a point here.
    its just a waste a time
    and i think you all suck.

  • Spencer Pratt says:

    I think Whitney is totally delicious… Oh yeah, if you cocksuckers say one more thing about that goddamn graffiti that Heidi painted over, I’m going to flip the fuck out and do something really nasty.

  • Whitney Port says:

    Eeeewwwwwwwwww Spencer you are gross! You need to shave because you look like a fucking retard. I’m way out of your league, baby!

  • Vince Lombardi says:

    Lets win one for the gipper.

  • Han Solo says:

    I would take her back to the Melenium Falcon and let chewy watch.

  • Orenthal James Simpson says:

    You would be a good replacement for Nicole.

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  • Fillup says:

    She is cute, but not THAT cute.

  • Jill says:

    Whit whit is a natural beauty… She looks great even without the tones of makeup Audrina and LC pack on!!
    She comes across as a really down to earth chik!!

  • man you guys are finny you guys had me laughing the whiole way down the page I never heard stuff like that gee you guys dont knoew how bad you guys sound on this blog thing i dont know were to start with you guys but whta ever. I really do want whitney to read my last comment if she didnt already. spencer needs to really get a life for the simple fact he’s ugly and he also is stupid for loosing the goodest friend he probably had brody yeah i watch the hills alot and get of laurens case ok her and whitney are good for that show.

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