Tori Spelling’s Yard Sale Starts Today!


7 Responses to “Tori Spelling’s Yard Sale Starts Today!”

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    P.s! I will Take care of ur puppy Picture! F

  • Anonymous says:

    From Tina. :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • paw paw negro says:

    She’s one ugly jewish princess, no matter how much her father spends on her face she seems too be just as ugly as before! fuck celebrities!

  • pink fishy says:

    Tori is sooooooooooooo cool and paw paw negro should just cool down jelousy is a sin.

  • bob says:

    hold on a minute! this girl got a raw deal! her father should burn in hell for doing this to his own daughter,cutting someone out of a will is controlling and manipulative in the extreme,a loving parent would have embraced the man his daughter loves and made a wonderfull experiance for his child to look back on,this is family not some sit- com deal,this man seems like a decent respectable guy who works his ass off and shows true humility,tory as well coming from extreme wealth she handled herself with courage and dignity,she is by far a better person than her father could hope to be an a thousand lifetimes,and i’ll tell you something else,if she were my sister, i would give her half of whatever inheritence is there,it is her right to have it and her brother must be one hell of an asshole to see her treated that way.if someday my time comes and i happen to run into mr. spelling,i am going to introduce myself,say my piece,and kick him in the balls! bravo to tori and her husband,great things will happen,for what it’s worth,i am verry proud of both of you! bob

  • kontol says:

    i think she is kontol

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