Britney Spears Went To Club Area Last night, Hid In A truck At Jack In The Box, Then Went To An After Party








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First restless Britney Spears drove to a gas station for some cigarettes, then she headed to club Area where Justin Timberlake was also parting! After that she was drivin by some friends to Jack In the Box for some gut filling beer food. Britney decided that hiding under some guys jacket in the back seat was the best place to rest her skull while waiting in the drive-thru. Then Britney went to a little get together at some house till 6am. She finally left the house with some guy in a silver Mercedes G-wagon . Wow britney save some for you’r birthday crazy-girl!

Oh Ya! Parasite Hilton was at club Area too!

Credit:David Aguilera/LondonEntertainment/Splashnews


credit:David Aguilera

2 Responses to “Britney Spears Went To Club Area Last night, Hid In A truck At Jack In The Box, Then Went To An After Party”

  • Matt says:

    i love this site… i love the britney spears storys…

  • The one says:

    I love britney spears stories too. I’m a huge fan of hers, but I even like the bad stuff sometimes. She kind of looked evil driving in the car…it was sexy! She doesn’t look as fine in these pictures, but she is so fine that when she isn’t fine she’s still fine!!!!!!!!

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