The Daily Puke November 30, 2006

Sing Karaoke with Christina Aguilera (Celebitchy)

Jennifer Lopez is turning to Scientology to get preg’s (Poponthepop)

Nicole Kidman is Highest paid actress (Glitterati Gossip)

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson offspring (Cityrag)

Mira Sorvino and baby Jonny Backus (Celebrity baby blog)

Wear star style clothing (Jane magazine)

Tony parker and Eva Longoria get engaged (Hollyweird Gazette)

Pink covers her A$$ (Jen’s Juice)

Coked up firecrotch gets the boot (Spank Cheeks)

Newlyweds of the year Pam & Kidrock (The Shovel)

Fedex had an affair (Around my room/Quick)

More Tomkat wedding pics (IntoGossip)

Christina Aguilera was drunk! (Holywood Backwash)

Pink is The New blog Parody (

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