Kimberly Stewart’s Turkey Neck! Just In Time For Thanksgiving.






Kimberly Stewart goes on a chubby chin rampage at Coffee Bean, ordering an 830 calorie coffee drink, starting off the biggest eating week of the year, Thanksgiving!

4 Responses to “Kimberly Stewart’s Turkey Neck! Just In Time For Thanksgiving.”

  • Melanie says:

    Ummm first of all, this is Coffee Bean she’s at – Frappucinos are from Starbucks. Second of all, how do you know what she ordered? THIRDLY, and lastly, you want to talk about chubby? Look at the girl, she’s tiny. Anyone who squishes their face into the neck will get that look – but to call her chubby and poke fun at her eating habits is the reason girls around the world have such negative body images and eating disorders. How about you pick and choose your battles in the future?

  • PukeMeister says:

    Look Mel, we like Kimberly Stewart as much as old folks like antibiotics but she’s boringgggg! We’ve gotta say something about the poor girl, or else whats the point!

  • PukeMeister says:

    And thats still 830 calories no matter what you call it!!!!

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